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Bottom bar is missing (PC Windows)

  • Until yesterday if I wanted to toggle between my Opera browser window and the other applications on my PC I used to just swipe my mouse to the bottom of the page, where my apps would appear (as they still do when I am using other applications). But no longer in Opera. It's a killer - and may mean me leaving Opera for good if I can't fix the issue, as it takes too long to keep minimising the Opera window just to see my other apps. Help!

  • Just to double-check, you're saying you have the Windows taskbar set to auto-hide, but when Opera's window is showing, it's preventing the taskbar from appearing when you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen?

    If so, I don't have that issue on Windows 10 with Opera. Does it do it all the time for you or only when using Opera's picture=in-picture feature or something?

  • @burnout426 thanks. You got it right. And the problem is intermittent. But not sure what "picture in picture" means. Sorry to be thick.

  • @clayburn said in Bottom bar is missing (PC Windows):

    But not sure what "picture in picture"

    The video pop out. When you're watching a video and you click the icon on it to pop it out into a separate window. If not using that, try to see what you're doing in Opera and what things you have open in Opera when it happens. Switching out of full screen for example.