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[b1555] GUI changes activate only trough switching between windows/fullscreen mode

  • The new build has a strange behaviour especially on my Windows7. If I execute any change on GUI (new tab, close tab, writing in address field, appearance of extension buttons), Opera seems to freeze. But if I switch from or to between windows and fullscreen mode, the change will be activated. Within the page works all correctly. Has anybody this symptom?

    On XP I couldn't reproduce this behaviour. I don't know if this depends on OS, or on any other environment element. The previous versions [1543 and below] haven't this problem.

  • Same problem here. The GUI is completely BROKEN, It's impossible to use (or at least test) the browser in this condition...

  • Thanks for reply, joegd21! By what OS have you the problem?

    I think, it can be a general problem, and affects many users. I don't understand, why isn't this problem as an issue, and why don't Opera team patch it. I'm glad, that any other one can produce the problem. (b1558 still has the problem, too)

  • I really don't know why they haven't patched it yet (although they have released an update since this started happening). It looks like very few people is having this problem. I say that, because everybody is commenting positively about the last builds of Opera Developer (nothing about this). That might explain why this is not a known-issue. I'll try to report it... I'm running Windows 7 SP1, 32-bit.

  • The newest build [b1558.17] patched the problem! Thanks! 1

  • Glad to read that! 🙂

  • I continue with this problem present. I've installed the latest build available (24.0.1558.21) and the GUI is freeze every time I switch a tab.

  • This settings may help (untested!):

    opera://flags/#extended-lazy-session-loading Deactivated
    opera://flags/#tab-hibernation Activated

    Perhaps its a problem with hardware acceleration of graphic card in Opera 24.

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