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Time out problem. Help needed!!

  • I have gotten into a serious problem. My Opera Mini 7.1 browser working fine till tomorrow noon. But after that, something went wrong. Whenever i tried to load any page its showing this error, 'Timeout while loading from transcoding service. Transcoder: a12-05-05 Client: OperaMini/7.1.32052/hifi/dogwood/en-gb'
    where my dafult mobile built-in Opera mini browser working fine, but other Opera Mini browsers which is 7.1 and also a 4.1, rnt working.
    They showing the same error. I even download a new Opera browser to taste if it any prblm with my cell, but alas... My wicked faith... Its even nt opening.
    If i lost the browser, i'll lost many imp doc.
    Plz help me

  • Perform the network test from opera mini settings. Failing that restart the app and change the protocol from socket/http to http only, try network test again several times in a row (x3). That was useful for you?

  • Nope. Its not. When i started loading a page in browser after changing the settings to only 'http', it kept loading a while. After what seems a long tym, it got disconnected & the error was, 'Problem Reading From Server'

  • OK. Disconnect from Opera Link and login again, opera sync should work after few atempts (protocol socket/http by default). Again network test and again app restart, eventually it will work. I've managed to pass over some similar issues in this way.

  • It is quite possible that opera server doesn't find any ping support over http protocol, in this regard 'server:test' (url) resolved (it will be resolved anyway) followed by 'server:setup' will put http ping on top of the connection. Feel free to try that too.

  • How will i able to do it? Its nt getting loaded even a single damn page. I tried many codes but no use.

  • Try first, ask later. You could always re-edit your internet data profile/account after deletion or soft reset as last resource. server:test is 'resolved' when the spinner disappear from the top bar. That's the top gun, btw. Ta-ta.

  • I tried it but... Can ew please explain in a bit detail? I sincerely is too bad in these thing. Last request 4m me. If it doesnt work, i'll delete all Opera browsers. It z irritateting me to the core.

  • Connectivity issues can not be found on opera server side, what works as expected on back-end must work also on front-end (user side). What we search it's a bad pattern in how data flow is managed over a proxy so it's nothing to theorise in this aspect. This kind of glitches can be transitory on your telco side also so be patient and perhaps the problem will be fixed by itself.

  • facing the same problem.. same with my friends on indian servers.. from yesterday. sort it out please

  • Oh thank God Mnt the only one who faced the prblm. But anyways thankx for the advice dirgas

  • Yeah, but still methinks I can fix this, even with broken servers. 😃

  • its working fine now

  • Originally posted by garry098:

    its working fine now

    Then the silent guys noted that, less than talkative as usual but very effective. On the other hand I could mention a low feedback score for opera mini users.

  • it is amazing my problem is solved thanks a lot.

  • Excuse me. Does it mean I have to wait till my opera browser fix the problem itself?