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Opera 12.17 cannot open correctly Facebook

  • Does anybody know what is happening with Opera 12.17 and Facebook? I use it on 10 PC with different specs and Windows and on all computers is same issue. Opera cannot open correctly Facebook page.
    Other pages that I visit are working fine.
    Those problems started 2 weeks ago and still are here.
    Any ideas? Opera staff?

    EDIT: Firefox, IE and Chrome are working normally, extensions are all off.

  • My understanding is that it is a Facebook issue. Opera 12 is old now by web standards and FB is in all probability not coding to allow the browser to render it properly. Why not run an install of Opera 22 alongside 12.17 for those sites that 12 will no longer open? You're going to find as time goes on that more and more sites will not render properly with 12.17.

  • Yes, I know that 12.17 is old version, but is very reliable and faster than most browsers,I have Firefox and Chrome also on my PC, but Opera is my main browser and I don't like to use other browsers and Opera 22 based on Chrome and I don't like it- Also, some things that are in old Opera aren't implemented in Opera 22 and if Opera don't implement all features from old Opera, I will be forced to switch on Firefox and that is getting on my nerves....

  • Facebook works fine for me in 12,14, if a little slow when scrolling while your time-line is being loaded/updated. Though I'm not a big user of said Facebook and my hardware is hardly state of the art.

  • Opera cannot open correctly Facebook page.
    Define "correctly", define "incorrectly". How is it loading there? A screenshot please?

  • it loads only header of the facebook page, without anything else, sometimes it loads only few news on facebook, without contacts or friends. Also, sometimes there are issues with opening on some PC-s that I use. they all have clean install of windows 7.

  • I have been assuming that Facebook was just dog slow for the last several weeks. Now that I have tried it with Opera 22, Chrome, Firefox, and IE, I see that it is an Opera 12 problem.


  • I maybe found workaround, try to logg off facebook, then logg back in and see if it works, but that is very dissapoiting from Opera...

  • It is not disappointing from Opera, they are doing a wonderful work in the new versions 🙂

  • opera is sinking deeper & deeper...

    use ...the mobile site opens in opera 12.17...