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Opera Mini 8 update 1 for Java and BlackBerry

  • I understand from the post above that the 7.x version for android is ok for a Blackberry Z10, but am just wondering if there are plans to develop Opera for newer Blackberry versions.

    Like Blackberry, like Opera, would love to keep the "team" intact.

    Created this account just to ask. : - )

  • Plz give me the download link of opera mini 8.1 in jar format plz.

  • Also, doesn't work properly. Cannot delete messages cannot switch to other pages. @ Opera Mini:

  • :bye:

  • yo opino q opera deberia ponerle user agent android al opera mini 8 porque eso atraeria + a los usuarios de celulares java y android de hecho yo tengo una que tiene eso y es mucho mejor q tuviera el turbo ya incluido yo les podria dar el Link para q ustedes lo modifiken gracias x tomar mi sugerencia

  • when i have to type something i have to use qwerty and while using shortcuts i have to use numericals so plz change this thing. Kep all in qwerty. While downloading any big file if i exit, the file gives error at next time. So data lose is happening. In personalisation, some emprovement should be there. Like any android phn

  • wow sa vrรจmam bon wi la men pa gen anpil moun q sou sa

  • opera mini 8 have a big problem of disk space it only download 16 mb file thats a maximum limit if that. Why u cant increse a disk space opera

  • opera mini 8 have a big problem of disk space it only download 16 mb file thats a maximum limit if that. Why u cant increse a disk space opera

    We don't have a limitation for this in Opera Mini. Usually you have to save to the SD card as the internal memory can have a limitation. See here for more info:

  • Since Opera Link has sadly been retired, I need to be sure before I update from 8.0 to 8.1. I would get extremely pissed ๐Ÿ™‚ if my bookmarks (and their folders), speed dial entries, login credentials, etc. are lost in the update process. I think much of that data is stored somewhere on my phone's C drive, and nothing should change since it's the same version, but I NEED TO BE REALLY, REALLY SURE.

  • Is There Any How Possible To Stream video In Opera Mini?

  • ip was delisted today from CBL. First ip seen (by me) with 'Illegal 3rd party exploits, including proxies, worms and trojan' generic red mark.

  • @corzioli, Opera Link has NOT been retired. I also don't think update 1 is version 8.1. I think its 8.0.xxxxx

  • I want to believe Opera Link hasn't been retired, but the truth is that it has been dysfunctional across all Opera browsers (I think) for much of this year, and the dev team has been likely given a gag order ๐Ÿ™‚ because apart from a few polite, low-info canned responses, they've been pretty much tight-lipped about the whole affair. Seems to me that some much better syncing feature is in the works so we'll have to grin and bear the wait and embrace Opera's future. This is a calculated guess anyway, nothing firm... I'm thousands of miles away from Oslo so there ya go. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Anyway, here's my real bother that needs an answer. I want to upgrade to this bug-fix version but since OL is broken, my bookmarks, history, speed dial etc. haven't been backed up and I'm REALLY SCARED that I may lose all of them in the process of upgrading since this is a simple JME browser. Is that fear founded or should I just go ahead with the upgrade?

  • corzioli, what makes you think Link doesn't work? wfm, although syncing takes several minutes, up to .5h

  • Well, well, well... Opera Link doesn't matter to me anymore. My phone was stolen over the weekend, and all the bookmarks, saved pages, my speed dial... all that went away with it. Most of those were curated over years. I had to manually export those from the older OMs to 8.0, and that took HOURS daily. There was a time Opera Link worked but that was maybe last year. .5 hours? Yeah right. Once I left it syncing for like an hour and the thing was STILL SYNCING just a few megabytes worth of data. Obviously nothing was happening.

    I'm afraid but that's the end of Opera for me. I'm finally going Android and Chrome has some ok data-saving capabilities, not to mention that it's 2 billion times better than Opera, and syncing is automatic moreorless.

    Good riddance, Opera.

  • Is there any chance of providing options like cloud storage space & cloud download in Opera mini for java?

  • issues related to font calculations ? 16 minutes with os 7.0 and 40 with 6.0 is not quite a record for fonts calculation on bb devices.

  • My wishlist for next version of opera for java
    (1)Themes:- we can change theme and appearance of opera as in uc browser or opera for desktop.
    (2)Better download manager:-A better download manager which shows speed of download , remaining time of download and views the folder to which the file is downloaded and we can change the folder if possible.
    (3)Box format for speed-dails as in touch screen phone should be made available for keypad phones also.
    (4)Phone manager:-A specific manager through which we can call or message any no. from phone book or any unknown number.
    (5)Better file manager:-A specific manager by which we can visit phone memory or memory card , add,rename or delete folders , copy,paste,rename or delete files and preview various files such as images,videos, songs etc.
    (6)Add & edit shortcuts
    (7)Pdf viewer:-please add a feature to open & read pdf files as most java phones can't open pdf.
    (8)Accounts list:-A bar to keep the record of accounts opened by opera mini.
    (9)Bookmark:-Please cut the bookmark bar from menu and put the bookmarks in another tab like home page and speed dail.
    (9)Image zoom view feature