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Import bookmarks in Opera Next 23.0.1522.43

  • Yes yes yes, another topic about bookmarks.

    I am trying Opera Next now again for the first time in a while and I have been reading the whole day off and on
    about what new things a features and extensions there are.

    All bookmark extensions, well except Opera Bookmark Manager, which is really crap, seem to use the bookmarks bar.
    So one has to get all the bookmarks there first.
    There is supposed to be a option here, right? "Menu - More Tools"??
    The only things I have there are "Clear Browsing Data, Synchronize and Enable Developer Tools".
    Whats up?

    I know you can install Chromium, import there then manually move the file, but, really??

  • Yes yes yes, another topic about bookmarks.
    You know about the existence of other threads..., but you couldn't find the answer in any of them??
    First, from what browser are you trying to import from?

    For Opera 12 it should have asked you automatically if you wanted to have them imported, but if it didn't find your installation you can force a import through a command.
    For other browsers there are different workarounds and Opera 24 brings an importer feature for them.

  • Yes I know, and now I havnt really found anything, except what I wrote about Chromium.
    Sorry, es it is from opera 12.17, and no, it didnt ask anything about importing.
    Also, yes I know that there should be an import feature, it should be under "More Tools", correct?
    But it is not there.
    alt text

    Oh well, if nothing else.

  • Don't think that I saw that one so thanks.
    But, anyway, cant get it to work. I get an error message that says that the "Location is not availible" and in the message it has broke on at "Opera // Next" to a new line

    With profile path you mean the path where the bookmarks.adr file is, right?

    Sigh, now wonder people are a little irritated with the program if this is what sometimes is needed just to get it to a usable state.

    Anyway, will try a little more, but soon giving up on it.

  • Ok, so finally got it to work, thanks again. But still, wow, all this work just for that.

  • I hope I didn't put anything wrong in the instructions... This was just one of the many topics where these instructions were posted (but I chose the most clean where I knew I posted before).

  • No I dont think there was anything wrong with the instructions
    The problem I assume is that I am using Opera Next, installed in the folder "Opera Next".
    So when I typed in the command line windows cut it of at the space, even tho I used "".
    I got it to work by standing in the correct dir and just typing from launcher.exe in Total Commander.