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  • What if we could organize our tabs our tabs in folders? I have been hoping someone would create this for years, and i finally drew up some concept art. i thought it could look a little something like this. folder concept art.png This would be very helpful for keeping your stuff straight instead having your tabs be 3 centimeters wide, and having to click through them to even see what it is. it would also be great to have an option to tell opera gx not to load the tabs in a specific folder on startup, to save on resources.

  • @lividhen i was wondering, how did you do this ?

  • @ventus-exe It's just a mockup I did in gimp. I created a few blank tabs,then pulled in a screenshot of that,and replcaed the speed dial text and the folder icon is the extent of my pixel art 😂. Then I just made a box under it, and copy and pasted in a few of the speed dial tab.
    You probably didn't want all the details 😅 sorry.
    Ya' know, any sort of attention to this after over a year is actually really nice 😅.
    Workspaces are nice and all, but they feel very... Clunky? Dramatic? I'm not sure. This seems like this would flow better.

  • @lividhen yeah i think workspaces aren't good to use too
    don't worry, the details don't annoy me but i thought that you created a folder extension but private so i had some hope 😓