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Opera 22 browser history location

  • Hello, I'd troubles with my pc primary partition (I have updated windows 7 64 bits in all of them) that I used for work and more and I can no more access to it. Fortunately I have other active partitions where I saved my data and it's possible to resume my activity more or less from the same point. Same thing for emails and other windows parts that I will search and import from that partition, as data there are still all availables. But I've a problem with Opera history as for Opera 12 I was able to save with third part tools and software (as IHB, Mandiant web History etc) files .dat that was content in C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Opera.
    But for the latest versions they don't work, finding nothing, and I've searched a lot around for History path, also in the web, but invane. I've to import that data because I've many months of web surfing visiting a lot of sites, also for work, and I cannot remember all of them URL's. And some are important to re-find.
    Someone can help me? I think also that synchronization online does'nt include still chronology.

  • It will be in your profile\data folder.
    Look under About Opera on the main menu to see where that is.
    There are files in there called "History", "History Provider Cache", "History-Journal", and also "Archived History" and "Archived History-Journal".
    I don't know which of these are actually necessary to copy your history across, but I would doubt if copying them all across would do any harm.

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