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  • The first (initial release) of Opera stable 66.0.3515.27 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.

    "With this release we are including some updates, which will improve and speed up your browsing, along with continued design improvements for your sidebar. The first feature we would like to highlight comes in handy to those of us, who tend to close tabs accidentally and later regret it.
    We have an easy solution for this, one that doesn’t require going to the full history section. When you click the clock icon, that takes you to History, your browser will ask if you would like to reopen your recently closed tabs. If you click yes, they will come back as if you had never closed them in the first place.

    Extensions in the sidebar panel

    The second feature, that we’re happy to introduce, is a slight but useful change to extensions in your sidebar. In the past, when you added a sidebar extension – like a translator or Instagram – a second sidebar column would be created next to the first one. With this update, we’ve removed the second column, so that your sidebar extensions are integrated in the main sidebar itself.
    Now, when you go to the Opera addons store, and download an extension, it will appear at the bottom of your sidebar. This gives you an easy access to your favorite extensions, and makes the browser more streamlined.

    New Opera's flags:
    #new-component-update-mechanism (disabled by default, word in progress)
    Enables a more modern implementation of Component Update.

    #history-onboarding (enabled by default, ready to use)
    After close 3 or more tabs, history onboarding will appear. This is one time action.

    #sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar (same as above)
    Enables integration of extensions sidebar into browser sidebar.

    #video-pop-out-surface-layers (ready to use)
    When enabled, video frames will be displayed in the Video Pop-out window using the surface layers mechanism.

    #workspaces (disabled by default, work in progress)
    Allows organizing tabs into workspaces.
    Opera's flag enabled by default in this version #shared-start-page.
    Removed Opera's flag #sd-flicker-buster.
    Chromium has been updated to version 79.0.3945.79.
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  • Hi, here is my problem. I don´t use sidebar panel - have no reason to. But with this new feature you introduced, I can´t have sidebar extension Without sidebar panel open. So now its all or nothing. It also uses more space on the side, not to mention it looks like you slap it on the side and its just sitting there not being part of the browser. B.

  • Hi @Blacklanner, disable the opera:flags#sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar, restart the browser, and you should have your sidebar extensions in the old bar.

  • New update - Opera stable 66.0.3515.36 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "It contains an important fix for crash in ad-blocker rule update."
    This includes also a security update of Chromium for the latest stable channel.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-82800 Enable kFeatureTurnOnFeaturesDownloadedByInstallerOnUpdates on all streams.
    - DNA-83496 Check if history-panel is enabled before showing onboarding.
    - DNA-83545 Fix a crash in adblocker rule update.
    - DNA-83608 Set “plat” metadata in crash reports from Linux..
    Chromium has been updated to version 79.0.3945.117.
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  • New, mostly security update - Opera stable 66.0.3515.44 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.

    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-83698 Unregister extensions keybindings, when sidebar is hidden.
    - DNA-82635 [Mac] Fix crash, when opening power save popup twice.
    - DNA-83587 Fix Crash at opera::ThumbnailHelper::ThumbnailRequest::PopNextFrameToPaint.

    Chromium is updated to version 79.0.3945.130.

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  • New update - Opera stable 66.0.3515.72 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-79691 Unable to play video on Netflix right after Opera installation.
    - DNA-82722 Google Translator blocks PDF viewer.
    - DNA-83531 Dragging Speed Sial root folders in bookmarks sidebar makes duplicates.
    - DNA-83542 Fix background tabs loading issues.
    - Several crash fixes - more info in the change log.
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  • New update - Opera stable 66.0.3515.103 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    This version includes fix for Widevine in Opera stable for Linux.
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