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  • +1.

  • Not having the rocker gesture for previous/next tab is a deal braker for me...

  • Not having the rocker gesture for previous/next tab is a deal braker for me...

    Rocker gesture was never used for tab cycling, it was used for tab history, to go forward or backwards through a tabs visited sites (history) by holding the left button and clicking the right button to go forward a page or holding the right button and clicking the left to go back a page.

    To cycle through tabs, one use to hold the right button and scroll the mouse wheel up or down. This can be remedied by installing the Tab Switcher extension.

  • Rocker gesture was never used for tab cycling

    It was not the "default config", but it could be used for tab cycling. In Opera 12, the rocker gestures (like any other gestures or shortcut) could be associated to any action.

    So maybe it was not very clear in my previous post, but what I tried to explain is that I used to configure Opera that way, and I found rocket gestures really perfect for tab cycling.

  • This is one of the reasons I'm sticking with version 12.xx instead of upgrading to version 2X. I don't understand why the new Opera doesn't allow you to customize things anymore. If you think the interface is getting too bloated, then hide some of those options, fine. But at least let some of the more advanced users to tinker with the details.

  • The latest version of Opera has had nothing in common with the older version of Opera for almost two years. They are completely different browsers, based on completely different engines (guts). The old version 12.17 and older were based on Opera ASA's own propitiatory (in-house) engine and the new Opera is based on the open source Chromium engine. They are not compatible and share nothing with each other, except name. The new Opera has been built entirely from scratch. You should maybe do a little research to maybe enlighten yourself on what has happened regarding Opera over the past two years.

  • +1

    I feel pretty helpless when I can't switch tabs with the right mouse button and the mouse wheel. I miss this feature every day. And the extension doesn't work on pages that disable the context menu.

  • +1

  • +1 - I really miss this behaviour. having to actually aim and click somewhere to switch tabs when you're browsing with just the mouse is pretty worthless and feels outdated and unmodern after having used the rmb+scroll feature for years.

  • +1
    still desperately waiting for it.