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Connection not work at some part of a pages

  • Untitleffdgfd.png

    Ī¤ranslation of the greek words: "This site cannot be accessed".
    I have see it only in Opera. you know why? regardless of version

  • For me that was a blocked advertisement that looked like that ^ when that happened to me. Except for a time it was an Internet connection issue. But if that part of the site is supposed to load, then perhaps it's being mis-perceived as an ad by Opera's ad-blocker. Or it may not be Opera at all, an anti-virus could've felt it was dangerous.

    Try disabling ad-blocker on Opera (a great feature, don't get me wrong), and then see if it works.

  • @nextsys said in Connection not work at some part of a pages:

    Try disabling ad-blocker on Opera

    thanks for reply, i have tried already that, but it shows it as blank part only with that option

  • If not Opera's or another party's ad-blocker (i.e. AB+), it could be an anti-virus (device app like Bitdfender, or browser extension like Avira). Sometimes it can be a router/internet issue, like I've had a laggy connection do that, and I've had a phone hotspot wifi that wasn't allowing FTP before. Random thoughts. Good luck.

  • @nextsys with other browsers not happening, idk why