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  • Dear Opera,

    I’m part of an international team working on an Ethereum App project that needs to be able to communicate with existing Ethereum wallets using an ABI encoded function name utilizing EIP-67. We, as users and developers, would like support for an EIP-67 URI with a data perimeter that includes an encoded function name and the functions’ arguments. Thus, we ask if generic support for the ability to invoke functions on ETH contracts — that’s not a payable function yet still paying the GAS — can be added to already existing Ethereum wallets on the market?

    We understand most wallets don’t want to enable arbitrary functions, yet are fully capable of doing such in a manner that will release them from legal liability by including it within an advanced settings area for user customization and providing a warning to the user(s) — and even preventing payable functions but allowing GAS payments to go through when interfacing with an ETH contract. May the wallet(s) choose to support implementing this with a blatant warning to the user(s) so to release the wallet providers from legal liability?

    All that is being asked is if Ethereum wallets, could further support users, and developers, by supporting EIP-67 compliant URIs (e.g. via scanned QR code) with a data payload that includes the ABI encoded function name and encoded function arguments. Our team is confident that by enabling, EIP-67 compliant URIs with a data payload that includes the ABI encoded function name and encoded function arguments, will further expand the Ethereum ecosystem and aid in increased adoption via mobile users. Thus, allowing EIP-67 URIs with a data perimeter that includes an encoded function name and the functions’ arguments would be a net positive overall when implemented within mobile ETH wallets.

    We're 100% completed with v1.0 of our app and have passed reviews by both iOS and Android.

    Sincerely, we await your response.

    Kind regards,
    Amiris Brown

  • It seems like this issue was addressed 3 years ago on many ETH wallet forums and boards. I'm surprised the epi-67 problem still persists. Ledger allows for this with a warning to new users. Plus, the crypto space has far less new users then 2017...
    I'm pretty sure the epi-67 function is widely used in many business QR codes. Why wouldn't it be a standard with ETH wallets? hmm. Makes no sense. I would suggest Opera Browser Beta be one of the first to allow this transmission function, it will open up a world of on boarding through mobile use. I bet the Opera team adds this function bc they stand for freedom and choice. It would be in line with their mission statement for sure. Hope it doesn't take them forever. I believe its just a flip of a switch for the devs.
    This is a very relevant function. Great to see it in the forum. Will be keeping a close eye on it and spreading the message with the crypto community. Thank you A. Brown for bringing this to the world's attention. Now lets watch them get it fixed. Get on it Opera. Time is money.

  • @amiris Hopefully Opera fixes this issue on there mobile Opera Browser Beta. It seems like a simple fix that would open many doors for those in the crypto space. I know Opera's mission statement leans towards freedom of choice and this falls right in line with that mission. Opera fix this epi-67 issue quickly. Thanks A. Brown for bringing this to the world's attention. I'll be watching this closely and spreading the word.

  • @amiris sounds like this issue should be fixed directly according to Operas mission statement: "We care about the internet, about open standards, and about people. We love to innovate. We enjoy uncovering the new, the unexpected. We believe that new technologies and simplicity are one side of the coin, and a beautiful design is the language our user-friendly products speak."

  • @breeb050 yes, that's why I love Opera -- plus they have came a very long way since I started being a fan back in Version 5, yet have still kept their security focus which is the prime reason why I have always been a long time user of their product. The mobile integration and slick UI/UX evolution is just a perk a perk I'm happy they made happen. Now, if they could be the first to upgrade in how they plan to make their crypto wallet for ETH communicate fully with ETH based contracts that would be fantastic and lead the way for the ETH ecosystem. Opera would possibly be found as an ETH hero in crypto history 😉

  • @breeb050 Yes, if Opera in their next version of their Beta could release EIP-67 functionality with a warning prompt for the user it would suit all parties well imho as seen here with Ledger:

    alt text