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  • I have Opera 18.0.1284.68 and I can't find my bookmarks

  • I think you have to install an add-on for them

  • What kind of addon you say?

  • Use the Search feature and type in bookmarks. You'll find many discussions relating to this subject. In short, the bookmark manager is being developed and is not present in the newest version of Opera. You can enable the Quick Access Bar by typing opera:flags in the address bar, scrolling down and enabling it then restarting Opera and enabling it in the preferences. A "bookmarks' bar" will appear below the address bar allowing you to drag and drop your favorites onto it. If you have many, you can make folders on the bar and then drag and drop your favorites into each folder. For your MAIN favorites, just use the Speed Dial. For sites you wish to visit again, you can use the Stash. Do a search on each of these.

  • I realized that far Bookmarks are available as Speed ​​Dial. As for me, it's a bit tedious, I prefer a menu like in Opera Mail.

  • I understand. The QAB is a sort of work-around until the bookmark manager is fully developed.

  • I used opera from way way back, and I urged everyone I know to use it as well.

    Some time back I became a manager for an IT company, and with this, ehem, power, came the decision to use Opera as the secondary browser for the company (we *could* never forsake IE). Just doing my share to promote the browser.

    The latest update, however, is just way too bizarre and frustrating that ive decided not to support the product anymore.

    To the opera team, its been a privilege using the best browser ever! You were so far ahead of your peers and in some aspects you still are.

    I feel Opera is not just a part, but was a pillar in the history of internet browsing. Along the same veins with Winamp, Napster, etc.

    I'm sorry it has come to this, but goodbye.

  • Originally posted by gnober:

    ... I'm sorry it has come to this, but goodbye.

    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, and goodbye. (Once for the at-least-five threads you posted this same message into.) While I may even share some of your sentiments, I wonder why it took postings in five different threads of the same forum for you to make it clear?