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  • Hi
    for some time I have been struggling with super weird issue related to sleep mode.
    I have noticed that when I leave Opera open and my pc goes to sleep mode, whenever I wake up it take around 5 min to make it fully operational ( namely, screen is black, no power in usb ports - only fan is up).
    What I have observed is that when I shut down opera before sleep mode, PC wakes up instantly after I hit any button...
    What could be the reason? Is it a coincidence with Opera ? Is there anything realted to opera that can prevent instant wake up?
    Windows 8.1 64bit.

  • seariously? nobody is facing such issues?

  • I notice the same problem in my PC but I never reported it. I'm not sure about the USB ports power though.

    I never did because I always thought it could be my graphics card driver, or perhaps a NPAPI plug-in, or who knows... I think I've done some tests in the past but I forgot the results. Sometimes Opera is colsed and another program causes this...
    It'd be good to do multiple random spaced tests running Opera with all plug-ins disabled, all other programs (principally all non-Windows background processes) closed. Somebody with Chromium should test it to see if it brings this problem too.
    I'd like to have time to test it on Linux too.

    It always happen when Opera is open or sometimes it doesn't happen and recovering from sleep works normally?

  • I would say that it's around 95% cases that when I leave opera open I cannot recover it from sleep. Occasionaly, I managed to do it properly when opera is up, but, like I said it's 5 out of 100.

    My problem lasts for some time now, but my patientce reached the limit. What is strange, that I have another pc, on which I have windows xp installed and I cannot reproduce the same issue there.

    Indeed, I have already tried messing with USB power, but without a luck. My guess is that this has something to do with my AMD video card.