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Speed dials and all extensions disappeared after system crash (with new AMD RX570 GPU)

  • Hello, can anybody advise me what to do in case of Win7 PC crashing with Opera opened and when I've launched it after restart all my extensions and speed dials have disappeared. I'd really appreciate if I could somehow get it back. Unfortunately I haven't backed it up in some time. Thanks in advance. Browsing and downloading history seems intact btw.

  • Well, I should probably add I was in the most exquisite process of multiple uninstalls/restarts/installs/restarts while trying to find most stable version of AMD drivers. And I was defragmenting system drive, which in retrospect was not the best idea. Gotta love AMD and their lovely "adrenalin" drivers lol. Fortunately it seems there was a planned restore point at around high noon so I guess I'm gonna try that. Fingers crossed. Lol just as I was editing previous post the time for editing ran out. The 30-min time limit for editing is a bit short IMO.

    And of course that restore point is going to restore those most recent adrenalin drivers that I wanted to get rid of. F*ck me sideways while running backwards. Oh well, here we go. I'm seriously considering returning that 570 and paying 50%+ for an overpriced Nvidia alternative.

    Now I'm going to pray to the purest energy of the Universe to not let this POS crash during the restoring process.

  • Opera's extensions and speed dial bookmarks were saved by quite useful Win 7 feature from system protection - previous version of files. I surprised myself a bit when I recalled this function as I felt like a complete returd after that crash-while-defragmenting C: fiasco.
    I should probably consider buying some dependable SSD (Samsung, Crucial mx I reckon, I don't really trust those cheap ones) instead of buying unnecessary pieces of rather unstable shardware like cheap AMD GPUs to play silly (gory) videogayms.
    I'm glad I could have this nice conversation with myself.
    Hasta luego, muchachos!
    Btw. Any recent changes in the download/history tabs UI department? I'm still attached to my precious v58.💆🏿♂