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Weird or just me? Loading pages may take a long time

  • I did not think this was much of an issue but lately I am not sure. I browsed around and couldn't seem to either find my particular problem or at best things that did not work with related type problems.

    I would say in the past 6-12 months after every update of Opera if I pulled up a new tab my speed dial would load as usual and with speed. Seems like it started at one point and is getting worse? However, when going to a website (virtually any) the home page would load pretty quickly. However, if I clicked a link/article/item on the page it would usually stop, the circle in the tab would freeze. Sometimes this would last a few seconds and others it would last 30+ seconds. Sometimes I would just click the tab or somewhere on the "loading" blank page but do not know if it actually did anything. Sometimes I would just close the tab and go back and try again, sometimes working somewhat good and other times the same thing.

    I know this is weird. I have done all the basics of clearing things like the cache and the like but the hesitation, freezing persists.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I am running at around 300Mbps connection so speed on my side is good. Could it be more intense content pages? Could it be a possible networking problem, such as some setting in the Ethernet card settings causing it? I have no clue as I have checked everything I can think of.

    It's annoying to say the least that pages just don't pop in like they used to. I have been goofing around with computers since 1984 so am not some novice. lol I did load up a couple of other browsers, IE, Edge and Firefox but there was no issue in those. I am comfortable using Opera and am too old to learn another one, like I know this one.

    Any comments, suggestions? Maybe I've missed something, somewhere? Would appreciate feedback on this if at all possible. Thank you..


  • Everything's working fine for me with Opera. But, create a new account on Windows to test with and test Opera in that to see if there's any difference. One example where that helps is this issue. I don't think you have that issue though, but a new account might help if something is messed up with your user account.

  • @burnout426 Sorry for the delay in responding. A bit of medical stuff to tend to. Anyway, I know what you are talking about in the windows 10 profile. Switching does not help. Usually when that happens something else would break first anyway. lol

    I also forgot to mention that apparently an update to Opera screwed up my online watching of Xfinity. I can't get anything to work. I know it's Opera because I have to switch to Firefox to get TV to work.

    All in all, I think there has just been too much fiddling with Opera. Over the course of time using it, I noticed things getting broken and when I mention them, the response is basically we are making things better? How is breaking web pages making things better?

    The other issue was the fact that some things in settings looked like they are just there for "show". They don't work.

    I like the whole Opera concept but they are just going overboard with tweaks and when things don't work they blame me or my computer. Xfinity blames everything but themselves too. lol

    Anyway, I will continue to dig into it and see what I find out. If I run across any solutions I will archive them in this thread.

    Thanks for the response. Appreciate it.