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Opera for Mac 18 address bar malfunctions

  • Almost every time I enter something into the address bar and hit enter, I get no reaction, and have to reselect the bar and hit enter again to start the search or go to new web address.

    Also when I enter a search string, sometimes I get the results for only first letter of the string and have to reenter it.

    Does anyone experience the same annoying behaviour and are there any workarounds?

    I am on Mac OS X 10.8.5.

  • I have the same issue and bothers me a lot.

    I write in for example "", then I click enter. The address bar is then deselected but nothing more happens. I then have to click in the address bar and click enter, then it works.

    It seems that after it've happened, the address bar works fine for a while, until at some point it fails again for no appearant reason. I believe it have mostly happened when I've started a new tab, although I think it's also happened for an existing tab. I'm on version OS X 10.9 (13A3017).

  • I think this bug is fixed in the latest Opera 19 beta.

    DNA-9846 When typing in address field and clicking return before any autocomplete has appeared opera does not “load” page/search

  • I have this problem and found this really annoying too.
    Opera 18.0
    Mac OS X 10.9.1

    Almost everytime, when I hit the enter key in the address bar.
    Sometimes it will,
    - bring me to google search even I enter a URL
    - show no response, empty page when I enter a URL, or a search token ( I need to go back to the address bar and enter key couple more times to get it work. )
    - When I enter search token, it only search part of my token. ( I needed to wait for like 2-3 sec to get it display the dropdown list in order get it runs correctly. Maybe it's better to start giving me search suggestion if I stop entering for like 2-3 second. For speedy search token entered, I DON'T need suggestion since I know what I need to search...)

    PS: This is the first time I use Opera.