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  • The Opera 66.3515.3 has been promoted to the beta channel ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    "All of the important fixes and improvements in the developer version can now be found in the beta too."
    New Opera's flags:
    - #new-component-update-mechanism
    Enables a more modern implementation of Component Update.

    - #video-pop-out-surface-layers
    When enabled, video frames will be displayed in the Video Pop-out window using the surface layers mechanism.

    - #workspaces
    Allows organizing tabs into workspaces.

    The above flags are disabled by default, it's work in progress.

    - #sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar (this flag is enabled by default)
    Enables integration of extensions sidebar into browser sidebar.
    The flags that are enabled by default in this build: #bookmarks-panel, #history-panel, and #shared-start-page.
    Removed flag #sd-flicker-buster.
    The Chromium has been updated to version 79.0.3945.16.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • #sidebar-extensions-in-browser-sidebar

    thanks, you are a lifesaver! now I disabled and extension-sidebar is the same as before 🙌🏻
    I don't like the merge of that sidebars, since I don't use the main one (it's just not good for me)

  • @kirilkov You're welcome ;-) There're some users who don't like it too. However, please be aware the flag may be removed in the future.

  • Wrong... 🙄

  • The best option would be to move that flag to settings, but... we'll see.
    I understand the intention of combining that sidebars, but the "combined sidebar" doesn't even have a shortcut! Just to switch that sidebar on/off I have to 1) go to Settings 2) type sidebar 3) click Sidebar manage 4) click on a switch - that's ridiculous, right now I just click Ctrl+Shift+S
    The second problem - the "combined sidebar" has very big min-width and it decreases the important place for tabs (headers) or float over them

  • @kirilkov Here, the shortcut to toggle it still works, even if the flag is enabled. Also, if you want to switch it off without using the shortcut, you can click on 3dots button at the bottom of the sidebar (or right click on a free space on the sidebar), and select "Hide sidebar".

  • New update - Opera beta 66.0.3515.7 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-81884 [Advanced content blocking] Ads are blocked for whitelisted page in Incognito.
    - DNA-82342 ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED, when trying to use Opera VPN while Pulse Secure is suspended.
    - DNA-82473 not working with AdBlocker enabled.
    - DNA-82557 Address bar drop-down launches HTTP GETs for every autocomplete.
    - DNA-82840 Disable favicon fetching for typed URLs.
    - DNA-82515 [Mac] Right-aligned address field icons overlap with left-aligned icons while resizing window.
    - DNA-82825 Crash at opera::stats::PageViewStatsReporterImpl::ReportPageViewEvent(content::WebContents*, opera::stats::NavigationEvent const&, opera::stats::WindowTabInfo const&).
    Chromium has been updated to version 79.0.3945.56.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - Opera beta 66.0.3515.14 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    This build includes the following fixes:
    - DNA-82898 Relaunch button on about/update pages fails with an error.
    - Several crash fixes - more info in the change log.
    Chromium has been updated to version 79.0.3945.70.
    ☕   🖖   🍺

  • New update - Opera beta 66.0.3515.21 ;-)
    The change log, and the announcement.
    Some changes, fixes and improvements:
    - DNA-82516 Showing empty popup, after closing 3 tabs.
    - DNA-82934 Rendering artifacts on recently closed tabs popup.
    - DNA-83078 [macOS] Crash on ‘Try it’ button.
    One new Opera's flag #history-onboarding (disabled by default, work in progress)
    After close 3 or more tabs, history onboarding will appear. This is one time action.
    Chromium has been updated to version 79.0.3945.79.
    ☕   🖖   🍺