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Incorrect aspect ratio in videos/bottom of videos cut off

  • I'm having a strange issue with Opera (version 54.3.2672.50220) where if I choose to play a YouTube video fullscreen, it slightly zooms in and cuts off the bottom of the video. It started happening a month ago, perhaps after an update, I'm not sure. I haven't changed anything in the browser or YouTube itself. In fact, although YouTube is usually the only video site I use, I just checked a sample video on Vimeo and it's happening there too.

    Here is an example from a YouTube video, showing a cropped version of the video playing normally and then again in fullscreen, to illustrate the differences -

    alt text

    alt text

    You can clearly see that their feet are cut off in the second, fullscreen video.

    Anyone know what's causing this and how I might fix it? I haven't seen anyone else talking about it and for the past month I've just been hoping that an update to the app would do it, but no.

  • @Azhrei It is likely that it's not opera's fault, but the video websites. It seems that youtube switched from the default chromium viewer to a proprietary one that is set to fill the entire screen no matter what the ratio is. I never used Vimeo so I can't tell, but I don't think you can expect any change soon, because youtube developers are not very dedicated to the mobile site, in order to make you switch to the app. The best way would be to report this problem to google, but they are really not good at customer support. I think the only way to solve this is to use the app.

  • @misterdoge That's what I was thinking too, at first, but I had a look around the 'net when it first started happening, and for the past month, to see if anyone else had the issue and had maybe found a solution. Not a single person that I could find was posting about it, apart from one person last year in a thread that went nowhere. Which suggests to me that it may only be happening to a small number of people, though really I have no idea what Opera's Android userbase is like, it may be very small.

    Very disappointing if it's on Google's side because of course they'll have no intention of fixing something for software that's not theirs, to force us onto their ad-laden app.

  • @Azhrei The problem is clearly not only for Opera. Some people using Chrome (like my brother) also have the new player. It's most probably a progressive rollout like google often does. The intention may not be all bad, because now we can change the quality, but there has always been a will from google to make all the mobile websites kinda crappy in order to get more people to use the app. So long story short : they're not trying to only annoy Opera users, but all users...

  • Sorry if I'm late but a solution to this is to switch to desktop mode. I have an a20 and although annoying fixed the cut video on most websites