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Closing first tab after computer sleep closes entire app

  • I have a problem where closing a tab after waking the computer from sleep (like in the morning) it closes the entire app.

    It happens regardless of whether I close using cmd-w or clicking the x in the tab. It also does not matter if it is an old or newly opened tab.

    My opera and macos versions are:

    Opera is up to date
    Update stream:Stable
    System:Mac OS X 10.15.1 64-bit

  • Still happening in v 65.0.3467.62

    Found this in the Console just after crash. And it does not seem to be the first tab after sleep it happens ni a more random way.

    default	12:53:50.328814+0100	Opera	ENCODE: Caching encoded userInfo to use until we are marked dirty again, returning encoded result <private> opts={ LSUserActivityContainsFileProviderURL = 0; LSUserActivityContainsUnsynchronizedCloudDocs = 0; UAUserActivityContainsCloudDocsKey = 0;}
    default	12:53:50.402621+0100	chrome_crashpad_handler	[1211/] mach_vm_read(0x7ffee0993000, 0x2000): (os/kern) invalid address (1)
    default	12:53:50.525801+0100	chrome_crashpad_handler	[1211/] sysctlbyname kern.nx: No such file or directory (2)
    default	12:53:50.543005+0100	hidd	Connection removed: IOHIDEventSystemConnection uuid:A2D54301-933F-4DBE-878A-7D28E3514C0A pid:29350 process:Opera type:Passive entitlements:0x0 caller:HIServices: ___GetIOHIDEventSystemClient_block_invoke + 26 attributes:(null) inactive:1 events:0 mask:0x0
    default	12:53:50.543013+0100	hidd	Connection removed: IOHIDEventSystemConnection uuid:9210C9A8-000A-449D-98D1-CA5D389E7354 pid:29350 process:Opera type:Passive entitlements:0x0 caller:HIToolbox: ___GetIOHIDEventSystemClient_block_invoke + 26 attributes:(null) inactive:1 events:0 mask:0x0
    default	12:53:50.543287+0100	hidd	Connection removed: IOHIDEventSystemConnection uuid:74EA2B54-27BC-492D-AB4D-EE516AED93C1 pid:29350 process:Opera type:Monitor entitlements:0x0 caller:GameController: _GCHIDEventCallback + 96 attributes:(null) inactive:0 events:0 mask:0x0
    default	12:53:50.751657+0100	useractivityd	-- Demoting self.advertisingProcess to nil (was UserActivityClient(pid=29350/com.operasoftware.Opera uuids={03729655-EA25-44A5-BCDF-61ACD0CE2160 })) and trigger pickNewAdvertisement because the previous advertisingProcess had a current activity.
    default	12:53:50.761616+0100	runningboardd	Invalidating assertion 285-119-872 (target:executable<Opera(501)>) from originator 119