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  • Hello... I realize there are other Bookmark threads, but I have not found any that cover my issue specifically, so I hope the moderators will take pity on me.

    I think Opera has the potential to be one of the best browsers, but ever since I uninstalled Opera 12, I have had nothing but problems.

    #1... The Bookmark Importer located in the More Tools menu is grayed out making it seemingly impossible to import my bookmarks.

    1a) Why would a clean install of a browser that is theoretically more advanced by over 6 generations (version 18.0.1284.68) not have a functioning Bookmark Importer which is one of the first and most important customizations one might make on any new browser install?

    #2... There is no function with which to create Bookmarks from scratch at all? In other words, if I like a site or with to try and mark a site for later reference, I am forced to use the Stash function? I do hope this is not the case. The Stash is not a viable substitute for Bookmarks. Stash is essentially the same thing as Speed Dial and neither of these can organize and customize more than a couple handful of sites. I have never heard of a mainstream Browser that chose to do away with one of the most basic functions of web browsing! Not having the ability to even create a bookmark and new bookmark folder is a massive mistake in my opinion that will drive users away in droves.

    #3... Can anyone help?


  • You already started another thread on the exact same topic as this one. 😞

  • Originally posted by leushino:

    You already started another thread on the exact same topic as this one. 😞

    Though it would have been better to post to the previous topic it's not the exact same topic.

    After being told to search by you, the OP did search, and not finding an answer, started a new thread with a different thread title, and a more detailed description.

    Your comments are not helpful when someone has clearly made an effort to search for help.