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Glitchy video playback with hardware acceleration

  • I am using ryzen 5 2400g without gpu, when i watch video in facebook or youtube the browser randomly turn into black and turn back to normal but the video player turn into black or green, no player bar, and the audio is still on if its youtube, if its facebook the tab just refresh itself, also other tabs as well, and other players (youtube for example) will be like what i say above and facebook tab will refresh itself and there will be play button on the thumbnail, and when i watch... if im unlucky, it will refresh itself more and more, if dont then i can watch for a few second or a minute then it refresh itself again... back to the start of the video
    when i turn off hardware acceleration things ive said are gone but 60fps videos arent showing stable fps. if i move my mouse to show the player bar it will show 60fps but when it gone the video just dropping fps, around 30 i think, never reach 60.

    i am really sorry for my grammar and vocabulary. i cant make perfect sentences when talking about techs. a bit information about the specs im using. ryzen 5 2400g: 4 cores 8 threads, 3.6ghz, apu is Vega 11, 2gb of vram
    8gb of ddr4 2400mhz, ssd adata su800 (sata 3)

    thank you for your time

  • I'm not sure if this is related, but I'm having issues with my GX as well regarding Videos. This doesn't seem to happen on YouTube, but in other places like Twitch or Amazon Video, I can't fullscreen the video. If I do, it just gets stuck on a single frame. Only way I found around this is to disable hardware acceleration.

    Do you think these are related?

  • @light1c3 when i tap on video in Facebook or press fullscreen button in YouTube, the page tabs turn green and reload the page itself. If they only turn green and be back to normal, the video will stuck at the first frame or just display the thumbnail and the audio still playing. So yes i do think those are related.

  • Well keep me posted if you find a solution! Only way I was able to resolve the issue is with the workaround of disabling HA.

  • i dunno if this will help.. your gpu may be black listed

    try this flag and enable - with hardware acceleration enabled

    Override software rendering list

    Overrides the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations. – Mac, Windows, Linux


  • @nvmjustagirl Thanks for your suggestion. I'm not sure what I need to do after I re-enable hardware acceleration again. Where is this list I need to override?

  • @light1c3 type this in opera's searchbar :


    then Enable it - hit telaunch button while there

    also @Hieu5212 You both could check this link out

    the thread was opened by sumone else that had R5 2600

    link is: here

  • @Hieu5212 @light1c3 ya might check this..

    What version of Windows do you have? And, is it an "N" or "Enterprise" edition..

    altho i doubt it is..