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system freezes 5-30 s during browser session

  • Hello,

    Hey folks, I need some help...!

    on a Win 7pro NB (HP8760W 16GBRAM, 256GBSSD +750GB HD7200rpm) with Opera 22.0 sometimes the complete system freezes for a few -more or less- 15 seconds during the use of the browser only. No specifid sites, no specific actions are necessary to cause the error. To me it seems to happen randomly... No Mouse, no sound, no streams, no motion ... frozen...!

    Hardware is tested and good, system is clean, fast and healthy. Benchmarked 7.9/8
    It seems to happen time after a HDD crash and shortly after the installation of Spotify... if that helps you ..

    Is there anyone with an idea ...?
    Google does not help

    No PN, pls answer here or send me an email [Mod Edit: Email address removed, for obvious reasons]

    Thanks a lot

    • nice rgds Andreas

    Opera user since Opera Ver 3.5

  • Never put your e-mail address openly in forum posts!
    It's a gift for spammers.

  • It seems I suffer from these intermittent freezes on Vista Business 32 too. Having observed the same symptoms as you and I also don't have a pattern for freezes occurrence.

  • The only thing helping would be something like an event recorder.
    I cant do anything during the stoping of the system, but would like to monitore, what happens to my system, and what makes it stopping.

    Noboby with an idea ...??

    Thanks for reading and taking care ..

  • Certain versions of Windows have an 'Event Viewer' build-in, it's found in 'Control Panel / Administrative Tools' which logs events for 'Applications', 'System', 'Security' and 'Set-up' etc.

    Noboby with an idea ...??

    Come on, give people a chance, you only posted your comment 10 minutes ago.

  • As @linuxmint7 suggests, check in your event viewer, especially right after one of the "hang" episodes. Look under 'Windows Logs', especially the 'Application', 'Security', and 'System' categories for errors at, during, or immediately preceding the time of the 'hang'. You're particularly looking for events with a red "Error" icon, though even the yellow "warning" icon can sometimes give clues; even unflagged events right at the moment of the hang at times can offer clues to something starting up or shutting off that is involved in the problem. Note that not all warnings and errors will necessarily be related to the problem or even represent a genuine problem of any other kind, but any flag raised within a few minutes of, or during, the hang deserves special examination. Also, any kind of event (flagged or not) immediately after the 'hang' ends can sometimes offer a clue to a resumption of whatever was hanging. Click on a particular entry to see a general explanation of what was going on that flagged the system as a possible abnormality.

    Also, you may wish to do this from within an admin account to be able to see the full range of messages. Sometimes, the data available from within a limited user account is restricted in various ways.

  • Spotify and some other recently installed SW has been removed, temporarely, before I got your replies.

    Thanks fine, I found the event viewer and will go thru the errors and warnings listed there.
    btw. My thread started June 26th.

    Thanks for the detailed instruction. This will hopefully help me to finding the reason for Operas bad behavior. I will not forget to post you my results ( even if there are none)