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Opera session backup absolutely trashes the hard drive

  • I recently noticed that my SSD has experienced much higher than expected disk write activity. I fired up some monitoring tools and found that, when Opera is running, the disk is just being hammered. Here is a screenshot of Disk Write activity over the course of a single second:

    This happens (essentially) continuously.

    Also, check out Disk Activity from Winodws Resource Monitor. The first screenshot is taken with Opera not running, the second while Opera is running. .

    I'd file a bug report, but the bug reporting system is ill-equipped to submit issues such as this.

  • Update: Is it possible that most of this sits in file cache and doesn't make it to the physical disk?

  • Is there any particular site or some number of tabs open while this occurs, or is it independent of those factors?

  • Opera writes session.* files to disk each ~10 seconds. They are SQLite databases and can grow. I've had a 4 MB session.db once. You can imagine how this would affect my SSD, if it wasn't on a RAM disk.

    To reduce writing onto SSD, move session.* files to a RAM disk, replacing them in the original profile with NTFS symlinks.

    To reduce the file sizes if they've grown too big:
    If you want to keep session content (remember which pages you have open), use the command,
    sqlite3 session.db "VACUUM;"
    (get sqlite3 from
    Or, if you don't care about sessions, just delete the files. Opera will re-create them.