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gmail wont download attachements in opera in win10

  • @burnout426 I had completely uninstalled opera and installed freshly.

    I had tried disabling inbuilt opera ad-blocker still the same problem. No extra extensions are installed.

  • @krishna22211 said in gmail wont download attachements in opera in win10:

    open an email containing at-least 4 attachments (any .jpg , pdf , ..etc)
    Download the attachments individually.

    Couldn't reproduce with Opera 65.0.3467.48 64-bit on Windows 10. Tried with the adblocker on and off. Works fine both ways. Tried with 4 jpeg files and 4 txt files. All good.

  • The problem persists. Having found no solution, just had to give up on Opera (after years of using) and switched to Chrome. Guess I'll check Opera back in half a year or something - a new built might be available by then?

  • @poisk777 said in gmail wont download attachements in opera in win10:

    Considered trying hard version "Reset my data and Opera settings." but since I can see that others experience this same problem I'd rather wait to hear a word of wisdom, anybody?

    You can have a test Opera without interfering with your normal Opera. Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser" and install. Test in that Opera without installing any extensions, without enabling Opera's adblocker and without enabling Opera Sync.

    How does it work there?

    If it still doesn't work for you there, you can try the Opera Beta and Opera Developer versions from in the same way ("Opera Beta Test" and "Opera Developer Test" folders for example). When you're done testing, you can delete 3 of the folders.

  • @burnout426 problem solved for me.
    I had tried beta version of opera everything is working fine.

    After trying opera beta, i found solution for stable opera version too..

    I had reset the stable version on my pc. Now the downloading multiple gmail attachments is is working fine.

    Final words:
    only by resetting the opera this problem is solving.

  • Tried both - the problem still exists.

    I took more radical steps - I uninstalled Opera from my notebook (and choose "Delete all personal data" - because otherwise even freshly installed Opera does show my bookmarks in the Bookmarks bar - and I did tell it Not to import data from default browser ) prior to installing a new copy to "Opera Test". Freshly installed Opera (No extensions - except installed by default Opera Ad Blocker - which is disabled) worked just fine, I was able to download all attachments from a message in Gmail.

    But once I geared Opera up and told it to "Synchronize" the problem popped up again - in synchronized Opera I keep experiencing the problem with inability to download attachments. And I need synchronization to work across two of my notebooks - one stays at home and another goes with me wherever I go.

    When synced, I can see my bookmarks populate the bookmarks bar. No extensions, default Opera Ad Blocker still disabled.

    Signing off of my account doesn't solve the problem - once it popped up, no matter whether I' synced on not doesn't matter - attachments won't download.

    Then I repeated this with Opera Developer version - by uninstalling Opera (and deleting personal data) prior to installing a new copy to "Opera Developer". Everything was the same - on freshly installed Developer version Gmail works just fine, then I Synchronize and voila - the problem is back and couldn't be fixed by signing off.

  • @poisk777 Okay. The ruthless way to fix this would be to goto, reset all your data (to wipe out everything). Then, start with a new Opera profile. Then, you'd be good to go. But, you'd have to start over with everything.

    Of course, you probably don't want to do that. Another option would be to choose not to sync settings when logging into Sync with a fresh profile.

    Besides that, comparing the "Preferences" file that was modified with Sync with a copy of the "Preferences" file before Opera Sync was enabled with JSONedit to see the difference in download settings, would probably tell you what to fix. Goto the URL opera://about to see the "profile" path for where to find the "Preferences" file. Just search for "Download" in the file in JSONedit.

  • burnout426, thank you for the suggestions - will definitely consider these steps!

  • @poisk777 Thanks for reporting issue still exists after Synchronizie. Me too got the problem again after syncronising.
    As @burnout426 said i resetted all my data from Now the problem completly gone.

    I had followed these steps to backup & restore all my Bookmarks and History before resetting Sync Data from

    Steps To Solve The (Multiple Gmail Attachments Downloadig) Issue Completely:

    Backup Syncronised Data:

    • Open Windows Explorer. Go to : %APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    • Backup these files
      1. History
      3. BookmarksExtras

    Reset Opera Settings and Data:

    • Open Opera Setting (Alt+P). Naviagte to Advanced > Restore settings.
    • Now Login to and Reset all the syncronised data
    • (Reset Opera ) by selcting Restore settings to their original defaults.
    • Close Opera.

    Restore (History & Bookmarks):

    • Now again open windows explorer. Go to: %APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable

    • Replace previously backuped 3 files (History, Bookmarks, BookmarksExtras)

    • Now Open Opera Syncronise opera with your account. All the data (History, Bookmarks & BookmarksExtras) we have resored previously will get syncronised online.

  • If you scroll toward the bottom of this page, tomcha's suggested solution worked for me with Yahoo mail, and for another user with Gmail!