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  • Here you can post comments about User-Agent Switcher extension, created by dr34polw

  • When you get a chance, could you update the user agent strings for this extension. They're quite old.

    Also, could you provide an option to just strip " opr..." from the end of Opera's default string so one can do like opera://flags/#chromium-ua-compatibility but on a per-site basis. Thanks

  • 27 April 2020
    all the user agents are out of date....

  • @Product-Manager Yes. The workaround is to select Chrome for Windows and then click the edit button at the bottom of the extension's dialog to edit its user agent. I use what Chrome Stable says at the URL chrome://version for example.

    I have an example extension at that just removes opr and everything after it in Opera's user agent to mask as Chrome. It's nice, but it applies to all sites. It would be nice if @dr34polw's extension had an option to do this on a per-site basis. That way, it'd use Opera's user-agent as a base, which would mean it was kept up to date (as long as you're using a current Opera).

  • @burnout426 Any chance of getting a toggle option for that extension? Like by clicking the icon? Seems good so far! 🙂

  • @burnout426 Thanks, I followed your advice. I think I'm dealing with a website that has some extra safety measures... I cleared the cache and everything and it still doeasn't work.

  • @themoisterymachine I tried at one point and couldn't get the scripting to work right with options. I may try again some time. I'd post if I do. I haven't tested it, but if you goto the URL opera://extensions and click on "details" for my extension and make use of "on specific sites" under "site access", that might control what sites the extension works on.

  • Solved:
    I deleted the site's cookies and added the URL to the extension white list like this: https://* so it will include all subdomains.

  • All agents are so out of dated.
    Even I can use "edit button" to do something. but all icon agents with far out of dated

  • Очень плохо! Яндекс.интернетометр без труда определяет.
    Раньше было хорошо, теперь плохо. —

  • In Opera Stable 71.0.3770.228, the edit button (the pencil) just minimizes Opera instead of showing the dialog to edit the string. It's working fine in Opera Beta and Opera Developer though.

  • This post is deleted!
  • If the extension creator (@dr34polw) can't update the user agent list, can someone else who knows how do it?

  • @operah. I updated the user-agents for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera for Windows for this extension. I left the rest alone. Download my zip file and extract it to a place you want to keep the extension folder.

    Then, in Opera, goto the URL opera://extensions, disable/uninstall the version of this extension from

    Then, (while still on the opera://extensions page), enable developer mode, click "load unpacked", and point it to the extension's folder (specifically, the folder where manifest.json is at). That will load my updated version of the extension.

    In the lib/config.js file in the extension folder is where the user-agent strings are specified. You can edit them to your liking and then just click the reload button next to the extension on the opera://extensions page and then reopen any existing tabs you have open or restart Opera.

  • @burnout426
    Thank you! And thank you for specifying all the details of how to install the update.

    Since it seems dr34polw is no longer engaged, I wonder if it would make sense for you to create a new extension. That way the updated user agents would install automatically, without all the work you specified.

    I might be mistaken, but I'm a little concerned that there's too much room for error if I go thru all those stages myself.

  • @operah I have an extension at that removes Opera's part from the user agent so that Opera appears to be Chrome on whatever platform you're on. It works for all sites by default, but you can adjust that via the "site access" settings for the extension at the URL opera://extensions.

    Another way to mask as Chrome is to goto the URL opera://flags/#freeze-user-agent, enable the flag and restart Opera. Then, there's no need for an extension.

    You can also specify any user agent string you want for Opera via the command line as mentioned on this page.

    Since it seems dr34polw is no longer engaged, I wonder if it would make sense for you to create a new extension.

    Thanks. I thought about it, but I don't really want to keep updating the the user agents either. It's a never-ending task. It'd make more sense to have the extension reference a site like that keeps the list of strings up to date. Not sure if there's a free list anywhere. That one cost money.

    Not only that, but Chrome's x64 Windows user agent is the only one that's really useful in Opera. The other methods mentioned above already satisfy that. Also, this dr34polw extension allows you to specify a custom string right in the extension options in the user interface.