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[Solved]Opera 64.0.3417 update no bookmarks?

  • Hi,

    Opera just recently updated to version 64.0.3417, and it's lost my bookmarks.

    They're still there on the system, under profile/data, but I can't seem to import them into the browser.

    Would be grateful for any help/advice please.

    Kind Regards,


  • In Opera, goto the URL opera://about and take note of the profile path. Close down Opera, goto the profile folder and copy the Bookmarks and Bookmarks Extra files to a safe place.

    Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser" and install.

    Once the Test Opera launches, close it. Then, in "Opera Test/profile/data", replace its Bookmarks and Bookmarks Extra files with copies of the ones you made. Then, start the test Opera.

    In the test Opera, goto the URL opera://bookmarks. You should then see your bookmarks and speed dials. Then speed dials might be under "other speed dials/device name" and your bookmarks might under "imported or something". But, they should be there somewhere as long as the actual bookmark files you used contain them. Anyway, move all your bookmarks to "other bookmarks", "bookmarks bar" and "speed dial" etc. You do this by hit ctrl + a in a folder to select all the items. Then, you drag the selection to the category you want. When you're all done, empty the trash.

    Now that your bookmarks are just how you want them, on the opera://bookmarks page, export your bookmarks as an html file. Then, import them html file into your regular Opera and you should be good to go. You can then delete the Opera Test installation etc.

    Now, if you do not use Opera Sync in your regular Opera, you can just skip the Opera Test installation. Instead, close Opera, copy the bookmark and bookmark extra files to a safe place. Then, delete the originals and start Opera. Then, close Opera. Then, replace the new bookmark files with the copies you made, start Opera and move your bookmarks around.

  • Thanks very much for your help burnout426.

    I don't use opera sync, o the last paragraph worked perfectly.

    Kind Regards,

    Vision On