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  • I received a message on speed dial saying "we are temporarily showing all your extensions" or something like that, there were no extensions showing, I then noticed my speed dial items had been replaced with my latest Amazon purchases and a link to WorldofWarcraft, I had already deleted the Amazon purchases and said do not show again last week and I certainly didn't want a link to a game. How do I recover all my speed dial items?

  • Did Opera just update? Using Opera Sync? Use any type of cleaning software like CCleaner?

    Goto the URL opera://about. Is the profile path still correct (as far as you know)?

    How do I recover all my speed dial items?

    Goto the URL opera://bookmarks. Do you see them anywhere in there (check the trash too)? If not, close down Opera and goto the profile folder and open the Bookmarks files with a text editor. Do you see your Speed Dials links in there somewhere? If not, what about in Bookmarks backup file (if there is one)?

    To back up your Speed Dials manually from time to time, while Opera is closed, copy the "Bookmarks" and "Bookmarks Extra" files to a safe place. This might save you in the future if it happens again where you can just replace the existing ones with your backup.

    You can also export your bookmarks and speeddials at the URL opera://bookmarks. It won't backup thumbnails that way though.

  • @burnout426
    I put my computer to sleep on the evening of the 17th the Speed dial icons were there, woke it up the morning of the 18th the Speed dial icons were gone, the version is 64.0.3417.61 so it must have just updated but I don't know when.
    Yes I use Opera Sync
    No I don't use any third party utilities like CCleaner, these cause more issues than they solve.
    The profile path is still correct
    They were not under bookmarks or in the trash
    I backup my computer weekly so I have the complete profile folder from last Sunday, I closed Opera and copied the Bookmarks and Bookmarks Extra files from my backup to the profile folder, opened Opera again but no Speed dial items were there, how do I restore these?

  • @spannell said in Speed dial items deleted:

    Yes I use Opera Sync

    Try this first. Download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation" and install. Start that Opera and close it. Then, replace its Bookmarks and Bookmarks Extra files with your backups. Then, start Opera and see if they're there in that Opera, but don't enable Opera Sync and don't install any extensions.

    Do they show up there at least?

  • @burnout426
    I tried this on another computer exactly as instructed, the Speed dial items were still not there, all my bookmarks are there just not the Speed dial.
    To test if this method should work I did the following:-

    • Closed Opera

    • Deleted the bookmarks and bookmarks extra files

    • Opened Opera then closed it (the bookmark files were recreated)

    • Opened Opera again and added a new speed dial item

    • Closed Opera

    • Backed up the bookmarks and bookmarks extra files

    • Deleted the bookmarks and bookmarks extra files

    • Opened and closed Opera

    • Restored the backup files overwriting the existing bookmarks and bookmarks extra files

    • Opened Opera

    The new Speed dial item was not there (it is in the bookmarks file when edited with Notepad)

    It seems there must be something else that needs to be restored to recover the Speed dial Items

  • @spannell Okay. I'll see if I can figure something out.

  • After restoring the two bookmark files in the new profile, goto the URL opera://bookmarks. Then, look in "other speed dials/computer name" to see if your Speed Dials are there. If they are, ctrl + a inside the "computer name" folder to select all your speed dials and then drag the selection to "Speed Dial" in the left-hand pane. Then, you can delete the "computer name" folder by right-clicking on it and choosing "remove device folder". Then, restart Opera and the "other speed dials" folder will disappear.

    Note though that if you do this with your regular Opera profile with Opera Sync enabled, it might wipe out all your bookmarks on If they're no longer there anyway, no worries. But, if they are, you might want to goto opera://bookmarks in the Opera Test Opera and export your bookmarks. Then, you can import them that way in your normal Opera and drag them where needed. That should avoid losing the bookmarks as But, make backups where needed just in case.

  • @burnout426
    Thanks that worked, I think it must have been this latest feature where they are adding Amazon shopping to speed dial, I don't understand why the Opera keep adding third party URLs to my speed dial, I know what I want on speed dial and I don't need them adding additional things, this kind of thing makes me worry about privacy when using Opera.
    Thanks again for your help

  • You can try using for a different speed dial page if you want.

    Don't forget though that in Opera, you can goto the URL opera://settings/startPage and turn of "receive promoted speed dials and bookmarks". You can also turn off suggestions and news etc. too so that you have a simple start page with just speed dials.

  • @burnout426
    I try to keep addons to a minimum and the standard Speed dial works well except over the last few years it's become more of a pain with promoted, suggestions and news that have been added and now shopping. I always turn off everything on the Startpage settings but I just had a look and noticed two new settings, shopping and bookings, I have turned them off so hopefully I will not get the shopping back and lose my Speed dials on the next upgrade.