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  • Installs only with Ubuntu aka Debian Experimental? What a pity.

  • You can use this to get an install up an running on a non-Debian based distro for now.

  • Well I successfully copied everything from the Opera software\stable folder to the Ubuntu /home/michael/.config/opera-developer folder. The extensions didn't look right so I just reinstalled them which was easy. But all the speed dials and even the passwords transferred over (never had the passwords transfer before!) It seems to be working fine and everything from win in there. I have grown to like the new Opera so I'm feeling happy. The only thing I haven't yet got to work on Opera 24 in Ubuntu is plugins, especially Flash. I got them to work on Opera 12.16 on Ubuntu by copying the flash program to the plugin folder in opera but I don't know where to put it in Opera 24 can someone help?

  • I found peper flash and installed it, Opera 24 picked it up so now I have flash installed, whoopee!! The Opera browser seems to be working well!

  • I added Opera Developer to my Opera Quicklist in the unity launcher like:

    Somehow this way Opera-Developer gets the normal red icon instead of the blue one in the tab switcher etc.

    In the past Opera-Next got the proper white icon adding it similarly.

    Any idea how to fix this for Opera Developer?
    (I tried adding Icon=opera-developer, but that made no difference.)

  • I just want to say thanks to Opera developers for this version! Now I'm trying back to Opera after a long break. The features what I need in the first day of using:

    1. How can I toggle dev tools? Ctrl+Shift+I works only once, F12 does not work 😞

    2. I need switching between tabs without animation, because it divert my attention 🙂

    Hope Linux version will develop and improve. Thank you again!

  • Without animation? Oh, keyboard switching using Ctrl-Tab. You could enable single-key shortcuts and use 1 and 2 (as long as focus isn't in a text field of course).

    • No other plugins (ony one, pepperflash) are found, Mozilla finds more
    • Tab switching is ugly slow
    • password can be inspected in password manager by hitting Show (no passwordpopup for authentication?)
    • glitches and artefacts of UI dropdowns

    Not nice, slower than current chromium and firefox on Ubuntu 14.

  • Too bad... Mine doesnt recognize pepper-flash-plugin ( originally from chromium ) from Arch. Does anyone have a solution please ?

  • well its faster than Chromium firefox and any other browser

  • f-j
    I believe I read the developers said it was intended for Ubuntu so that may be why it doesn't work properly in Arch and load "Pepper Flash". All I can say is it works well for me, and I'm happy with it. I have grown to like the new Opera.

  • Pepper-flash crashes on any page that requires flash and it doesn't see Flash 11.2

  • Well all I can say is it seems to work fine for me on Ubuntu 14.04. In fact Opera 24 developer for Linux is working just fine also.

  • I tried editing the flash line in ~./.config/opera-developer/preferences to point to the Pepper-Flash I downloaded from the Ubuntu repositories, since Chrome's flash didn't work. But when I restarted Opera, it overwrote the changes, not unexpected behaviour, but I figured it was worth a shot.

  • Enjoying using this till now! I was wondering anyone has tried opening vine videos, embed or not. They don't seem to play for me. Pepper flash is installed.

  • Anything about the 32 bits version??

  • @tlromulo not gonna happen