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  • Here you can post comments about Bookmark All Tabs extension, created by sicutunum

  • Is there an option to create and name a folder at the moment we bookmark all tabs ?

  • Also to choose where to save all tabs, for exemple, into an already existing folder.

  • Anyone to reply ??

  • @freeeeman: Hi. Bookmark All Tabs will by default save open tabs into any existing folder with the name provided on the options page (this is explained in the caption for the value which displays on the options page, the video and the documentation on this page and also here: If a bookmarks folder with that name can not be found, only then will Bookmark All Tabs create a new folder onto the bookmarks bar (unless you uncheck the option to "Add tabs to existing bookmarks folder" on the options page).

    To your first question, no there is not a (built-in) option to rename the folder after creating it (like a popup or something). That would defeat the purpose of this extension. You can right click the folder after bookmarking if you need to rename it something other than the default value you already chose on the options page.

    In the latest version (2.3) there are also options to automatically save (into any nested folder you chose using the default name value) using the current day, date, time, include the active page as part of the folder name etc). Unfortunately Opera is very bad about passing updates through. It can sometimes take months after submitting to them, or never at all and they don't provide any explanations about this.

    You can use Chrome extensions via Opera (just search for "Install Chrome Extensions" in the Opera store if you don't already have it). I would recommend installing that extension then just using the Chrome version of Bookmark All Tabs and all other extensions. Also, do visit the link above where the most up to date documentation can be found on all the cool stuff that can be found in the latest version.

  • @sicutunum Thanks a lot for your reply, things are more clear now and after using a bit more the add-on.

  • Could you make it possible to save selected tabs? shift + click allows for selecting multiple tabs, so it would be nice to bookmark the selection

  • @mrel: I didn't even know you could do that. I'll definitely add that feature for the next version if I can. What do you use selecting multiple tabs for? Understanding more might help me implement the feature better.

  • @sicutunum Need that feature too 🙂

  • @sicutunum Usually I try to keep related fans next to each other, so to have the feature of collapsing and saving these groups would be very helpful.

  • Could it be an option for the folder to be named automatically with date and time of the moment we bookmark BUT not nested and outside of an existing folder... ?

  • @freeeeman: The only way it could be saved to outside of an existing folder would be to save it to the bookmarks bar. If you mean something else, please explain. Being able to save it to the bookmarks bar instead of nested should definitely be an option. Will do in the next version. Just as a reminder to you or anyone else reading this. Opera has stopped updating my addon for several versions now. I keep uploading the new version in the back-end and they keep not reviewing it and updating it. It's very frustrating. You'll need to use the Opera addon which allows you to use Chrome extensions and then just use the "Bookmark All Tabs" Chrome version to access this and future updates. Thanks.

  • The extension generally works very well for my unusual and bad use case, which is me opening hundreds of tabs while browsing and bookmarking them all and starting over.

    Unfortunately, it seems to now be taking a very, very long time to do this when I have a lot of tabs open. It used to take minutes or less, and now it can take up to several hours. I'm not sure what's causing it.

  • in re: my previous comment: I started a profiler before bookmarking my last set of tabs, and it looks like there may be a conflict with the extension "Vertical Tabs", which took 40 seconds of scripting time out of the ~50 minutes the bookmarking took.