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Not printing from an online web page print preview.

  • Whenever I want to print something from a web page that gives me a printing option and a print preview page, clicking on the print icon does not send anything to my printer. I am using the latest version of Opera and Windows 7 HP. I also am using a wifi printer that works for any .PDF file as well as any other format directly from my laptop.

  • Does ctrl + shift + p on the web page work?

    I also am using a wifi printer

    Are you using WiFI Direct to connect directly to the printer wirelessly or is the printer connected to the router and you have the printer installed as a network printer? It might not matter, but asking just in case.

  • @graywoulf said in Not printing from an online web page print preview.:


    Are you saying the computer is an HP or the printer? If the printer isn't an HP, maybe you're experiencing

  • My laptop is a Dell Inspiron and the printer is a Brother. I have tried using a keyboard shortcut but since these documents pop up in a separate preview page, that will not work. My laptop and my printer communicate through a router and I do not have any problems printing anything from the laptop other than the online items such as a recipe or a eBay shipping label that has a preview pop up.

  • @graywoulf So, you're saying you can print a normal page like this page in Opera? You just can't print from those pop-ups? If so, have a link where we can try to get a pop-up to see what's going on?

  • Yes, using ctrl-shift-p works just fine. Here is a recipe that I wanted to print the other day. The print button is right next to the red "Save Recipe" button.

    Thanks for the help.👍

  • Okay. I see what the site is doing. Here's a little demo. Load test.html in Opera and click "print". See if that fails to print also.


    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <meta charset="utf-8">
            <title>Print Test</title>
                div {
                    border: 1px solid green;
                    width: 300px;
                    height: 100px
                @media print {
                    div {
                        border: 1px solid purple;
                        width: 100px;
                        height: 300px
                    button {
                        display: none
            <div>Some text</div>
            <button onclick="window.print()">Print</button>

    Select the above text, copy it, paste it into a blank file in a text editor like Notepad, save it as test.html and then open it in Opera.

  • Thanks for the test page. I successfully made the file and opened it in Opera and got the print preview page as expected. Still the same results. When I click on the print button, the preview page disappears entirely also. Next idea?

  • I found a workaround for this. I had never explored the other print options on the preview page but I gave them a look and found at the bottom of the list an option as shown in the attachment. When I clicked on it, the recipe printed out as shown in the preview. It also worked for your test.html document as well. It would be nice if the print button
    worked but I can live with the other option. Thanks for your help.!

    Print Option.JPG

  • @graywoulf said in Not printing from an online web page print preview.:

    Next idea?

    When I get a chance, I'll test to see if I can reproduce the issue. Can't test with a printer at the moment.

    @graywoulf said in Not printing from an online web page print preview.:

    but I can live with the other option.


  • What happens if you change the print destination in the dialog to "save as pdf". Does the "Save" button work?

    I tried the print button and it works for me when my canon printer is selected as the print destination.

  • Yes, the save to .pdf option works fine. I have had to use that in the past and then print from the .pdf file. At this point, I am completely stumped as to why the print preview button still does not work when all of the other options do. There must be a setting somewhere on my laptop albeit a Windows or Brother setting or maybe a security setting that I cannot find that might fix this. At least I have found one way to get the page printed. Thanks for your help and perseverance in working on this. 👍🏼

  • If you do figure out what the cause is, please post.

  • I would be glad to. Thanks again.