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Turn off "Internet Access Blocked" Notification?

  • I have certain web sites blocked in my Windows Firewall. When the site loads, I get a notification, "Your Internet access is blocked", and I have to close that notification page every time.

    Is it possible to bypass the notification so the intrusion just goes away? -- Paul

  • @paulrevere Browsers have internal timers that are triggered when you begin the request to visit a website URL. If that times out before site access is accomplished, a blocked-access message is displayed and the browser ceases trying to contact the site. What would you instead have the browser do once the timer runs out and attempts to contact the site URL ceased, since without a message the user would be left hanging in limbo as to what was (no longer) happening?

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  • @blackbird71 - I appreciate your input. My thought is that, If I call up a site, I'll know if it doesn't load. If a malicious redirector which I have blocked calls up I site, I don't need to know about it.

  • FWIW, I looked for a solution for this for Chrome/Chromium but couldn't find anything. I don't see any command-line option to turn it off. I also don't see any policies that would turn it off.

    If you found a solution for Chrome, it's likely to work in Opera too.

  • @paulrevere - Solved? I turned off notifications in Windows Firewall. I'm not getting the subject notifications any more.

  • @paulrevere said in Turn off "Internet Access Blocked" Notification?:

    @paulrevere - Solved? I turned off notifications in Windows Firewall. I'm not getting the subject notifications any more.

    "Solved" perhaps, but: one downside of that disablement via Windows Firewall is that IF you install a new app/program that itself requires acceptance of incoming network/Internet connections, you will no longer be informed when the app tries to use network connections and requests such connection through the firewall. Windows Firewall blocks all apps from such access by default unless the apps/firewall are otherwise configured to allow it, during installation or otherwise and informs you accordingly. If you install a new app that requires network access , particularly during installation (or use an old app that hasn't been configured for needed access), the firewall itself will notify you when the access is needed. If you don't get the firewall's notifications, a software installation requiring access may be interfered with, but you won't be informed as to why.

    You can read more here:

  • Unfortunately i am passing through the same issue. I opens a site in opera. i get a notification about "your internet access is blocked"

    but when i opens in other browsers nothing happens....

    Kindly solve the issue

  • @yoyolo Cannot reproduce in Opera 64.0.3417.83 64-bit on Windows 10. Page loads fine and there's no error message like that. I even turned on Opera's VPN, adblocker and tracker blocker. No difference. All is good.

  • @burnout426 Yes mate the issue was with my windows it was even showing for google serp results and same goes for facebook... then i had replaced my hard disk and installed new windows it's now fine