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  • Here you can post comments about Audio Equalizer and Amplifier extension, created by lunu-bounir

  • worked immediately for any tab with sound. easy to understand

  • Works on some sites, but it doesn't support Tidal

  • An issue to which if paused or switched tabs and play again, it tends to speed up the video. Issue resolve please.

  • the worst one, i can't believe, it plays audio just on one speaker, on the right (principal); the left (secondary) remains in silence. i tried it on/off. when is disabled, audio plays on both speakers

  • Only playes Audio on one side of the speaker (right) when i tried it on twitch!
    Do we really have to reload the page? Thats quite sad but if its not possible to do different, i guess its okay then.

  • muito bom

  • süper

  • Add a Compressor/Limiter to this nice EQ and its perfect for all these Netflix and Amazon Prime Movies that come with very quiet Voices but loud effects and music. .

    I use "Audio Channel" importet from Chrom currently on Opera but it has some bugs.

  • works great on you tube. audio is broken now on bitchute. why does this extention need to read my browsing history? also "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit" sounds kinda freaky too.

  • You are a legend!!! Finally I can listen proper audio on YT. It's amazing ... +/-20dB, that's fantastic. Only bug is at start only one speaker works but after moving the L/R balance it worked for both speakers.

  • The extension does its job fine but for some reason video gifs with sound on 9gag don't work regardless of the addon being enabled or not. After opening the video only in a separate page the sounds worked. Maybe some compatibility thingy between different extensions such as this plus adblockers.. After removing this extension I didn't have any problems.

  • Crashing in random time /vk .com

  • Плагин стал крашить ВК по причине того, что страница начинает разжираться до 900мб и более, даже если не крутить ленту, а чисто музыку слушать. После удаления плагина проблема сохраняется! Это просто ужасно. Сейчас поставил его снова, в надежде что-то натыкать, лишь бы проблема ушла, ибо жутко тормозящий ВК и помирающие из-за нехватки памяти страницы - это совсем не то, что я хотел, устанавливая ваше приложение!

  • funciona perfectamente y su ecualización es muy estable

  • Finally, rock/metal music sounds great on my laptop's speakers!

  • @bphmt: mine too, but i'm so old the call my metal "grandpa metal" lol

  • Helpful.
    Many videos out there are not really optimised for voice clarity. They don't have a good balance often with too much bass and lacking mids.
    I was initialy wondering if Windows 10 has such feature. But this is a fairly nice solution.

  • Wow! did not expect such a sound from a small application! Excellent!