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Since version 62, Opera freezes when I highlight texts while "Search Pop-Up" is enabled

  • I have been using opera since version 60, and I find the search pop-up feature quite useful, since it allows me to search words or phrases, copy, and even make currency and time conversions with one click. However after version 62 when I highlight a text on a page (especially if I highlight in a quick succession), Opera freezes and I can only unfreeze the browser if I do an Alt-Tab and come back.

    I couldn't find anything about this with a Google search, so I wanted to post here to see if maybe anyone else is having this problem and if there is a workaround other than disabling the Search Pop-Up feature. The fact that these freezings are gone on disabling this feature leads me to believe that it has something to do with a bug within this feature (I'm also using Grammarly addon that provides definitions when I double click a word, but I tried removing it and the freeze on highlighting persisted).

  • Opera freezes as soon as you're done selecting the text when the pop-up pops up? Or, do you have to click "copy" or "search" or "send to my flow" to get Opera to freeze?

    I couldn't reproduce in latest Opera on Windows 10.

  • @burnout426 Thanks for the reply. It doesn't happen each time I highlight something (thankfully), and usually it happens when I quickly highlight different parts of a text, but it is so unpredictable that sometimes it happens right away. I now tried to reproduce it to no avail, but it still happens at least once or twice during my normal browser usage (I tend to highlight a bit more than the average user, I assume, especially when reading).

    And when it happens, it freezes right away, so the browser gets stuck with "Search | Copy" bar on the highlighted text (My Flow is disabled on my browser). The buttons, as with the rest of the browser become completely unresponsive until I perform an Alt-Tab.

  • @burnout426 Hey. After all this time this issue persisted across Opera and Opera GX, and I think I finally found out what is causing it. When I select more than one language from the spellcheck options (I always enabled Turkish, English and German simultaneously since I write on all three languages and spellcheck helps to prevent typos), I eventually get these freezes upon highlighting stuff. It doesn't cause freezing every time, but it happens often enough that it becomes an issue. Can you maybe try reproducing the error this way? Thank you.

  • Tried really hard to reproduce with those 3 dictionaries active, but still couldn't.

    It seems odd that the dictionaries would trigger a problem when using the search pop-up since the search-popup doesn't have any spellchecking/dictionary stuff in it. There's also nothing to do with spellchecking/dictionaries when right-clicking on a highlighted word unless the highlighted word is in a textarea or other editable area. But, in those cases, highlighting a word doesn't trigger the search pop-up.

    I believe you. Just saying that I still can't reproduce the issue.

  • @burnout426 Well, for after what was the longest time the freeze happened even though I was only using 1 spellcheck, which debunks my theory. And now I'm back to thinking this happens because I have Search Pop-Up feature enabled and it makes more sense because that feature also gets activated on highlighting texts, so I have to think the cause is the search pop-up feature or a combination of that feature with something else.

  • @Unbeknownst This happens to me too.
    When I try to highlight links, not just only text.
    When it freezes I minimize and maximize the opera window.
    After reading this I tried to highlight links more slowly and it works.

  • @DKDL19 Yeah, it happens way more frequently (almost always) when I try to highlight texts that function as buttons or links. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm still waiting for a fix, and it has been almost a year /: