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How to merge various Bookmark files in Opera

  • How to merge various Bookmark files in Opera. My Opera version is 63.0.3368.94. I have various bookmark files - Internally generated and imported from other browsers. I would like to merge all those files into one bookmark file eliminating the duplicates. Having several may be helpful under some circumstances but having the ability to merge into one can help save time when searching for a particular bookmark in addition to minimizing the chance of missing it altogether.

  • For Opera/Chromium bookmark files that are in JSON format, you can just start with the one in your profile folder and copy and paste from the others. For HTML-based files, you can just import them via the drop-down in opera://bookmarks.

    You might use JSONedit on the bookmark files to visualize things a little better.

    Or, you might use some Javascript to read the json file and output a bookmarks HTML file that you can import via opera://bookmarks. That example just imports all into "other bookmarks". But, you can export bookmarks to an HTML file in Opera too see how folders are set up.

    Another way to do things is to export Opera's bookmarks. Then, close Opera and replace the Bookmarks file with another one. Then, start Opera and export your bookmarks to HTML again. Then, repeat till all you have is HTML files to import. Then, you can delete Opera's bookmarks file and then just import all the HTML files.

  • @burnout426 ... Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. Unfortunately I did not quite understand it. My main reason for not understanding is that I have been importing various bookmark files that that are in the html format, and this is the way they appear in my Opera bookmarks bar: >>(the bookmarks I generated on the current installation); Imported ; Bookmarks Bar (File); and Bookmarks Bar (File) again.

    When I click on either of the two "Bookmarks Bar (File)" entries the contents are identical and contain the following entries Bookmarks Bar (File) and Bookmarks Bar (File)(2).

    I do not know Java Script, and do not know what JSONedit is or what it does. would you mind explaining?

  • Sounds like you just need to organize your bookmarks now.

    Goto the URL opera://bookmarks.

    Under "other bookmarks" in the left-hand pane, click a folder that has "imported" in its name. The bookmarks and folders for that imported folder will show in the right-hand pane. In the right-hand pane, select all bookmarks and folders by left-clicking in a blank spot below the horizontal line on the page and hitting ctrl + a. Then, drag the selection to "other bookmarks" in the left-hand pane to move all of them out of the imported folder.

    Repeat that with other folders with "imported" in their names. Then, when you're done, all the "imported" folders will be empty where you can right-click them and move them to the trash. You can then right-click the trash and empty it.

    For any "Bookmarks bar" folders that were created on import, drag their contents to the main "bookmarks bar" folder in the left-hand pane to move them out of the imported folders. Then, you can move all those empty folders to the trash again.

    Also, in the right-hand pane, you have the option to edit the names of any folders you want.

    Also, if there are any folders that contain all duplicates, you can just move the folder to the trash.

  • [@burnout426] Thanks for your suggestions. Although I did not follow them verbatim, i did use the idea of transferring all bookmark files into the Other Bookmarks file. Once all there, I transfered contents of Other Bookmarks to Bookmarks Bar. I then deleted empty files.
    This accomplished having all bookmarks in a single file, which was my goal. My only problem now is that I have no order in the file. I woul like to be able to sort the book marks alfabeticlally (A-Z or Z-A) or by date, etc. Unfortunately I can't find a tool in Opera to do it.
    Any suggestions?

  • If you goto the URL opera://bookmarks and right-click in a blank spot on the page below the horizontal line, you can choose "sort alphabetically" at least. I don't know if it's recursive through subfolders, so you might have to do that for each subfolder too.

  • @mrubioc install Opera Desktop but not logged in with Opera Sync. In desktop browser keep importing e.g. Firefox exported bookmarks like in html format export option. Usually after installing Opera Desktop it offers to import bookmarks from other browsers, so first have those browsers ready and filled.

    Then organize with Opera Desktop. If satisfied finally log in to Opera Sync.

    You can easily sort in alphabetical order or create folders with desktop Opera.

  • @ginger1984 Thank you for your advice. Files have already been imported into Opera. I suppose it is the Desktop version since I haven't done anything with Sync. Don't even know what it does or how to enable and use.
    So I think what I need to do is follow the previous suggestion from burnout426 . Best Regards!

  • One you have things sorted in Opera, you can export your bookmarks to an HTML file and hopefully the file will then have them sorted too (so if you ever have to use the HTML file, they'll be sorted).