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No audio watching some videos on twitter and also on Whatsapp from Opera

  • All audio message from Opera Whatsapp no sounds at all, and many of video from twitter can't hear anything. It's just happen on Opera Browser only. It's happening since long time ago.

  • After trying to play a video, goto the URL opera://media-internals and expand the section for the player in question and look at the details for errors.

    For Twitter for example, click the badge at the left of the address field, goto "site settings" and set sound to "allow" instead of "automatic" to see if it helps.

    Anything special about your setup? What version of Windows? Is it an "N" version of Windows or an Enterprise version? Do you have more than one audio device? Is the sound device a USB one?

  • Thanks burnout426, but I set up sound from "automatic" to "allow" option long time ago and the issue still there.

    I'm working on Windows 10 Pro. This sound issue just happening on Opera browser, on the other ones works fine. By the way, I'd been format once and installed the Opera browser again and audio issue from twitter an Whatsapp still there.

    Sounds and video on youtube works fine using Opera Browser, why sound doesn't work on twitter and whatsapp?

    I'll take a look what you said, about opera://media-internals.

    All my system has the last updates.

    Note: Sorry about my gramar, I'm from spain and I dont't speak English very well even writting.

  • I've taken a look on opera://media-internals, on "Audio" tab found this:

      "AudioServiceAudioStreams": "Disabled",
      "AudioServiceLaunchOnStartup": "Disabled",
      "AudioServiceOutOfProcess": "Disabled",
      "AudioServiceOutOfProcessKillAtHang": "Disabled",
      "AudioServiceSandbox": "Disabled",
      "WebRtcApmInAudioService": "Disabled"


    I don't know what this is for and how to activate those options.

  • AudioServiceAudioStreams	Enabled
    AudioServiceLaunchOnStartup	Disabled
    AudioServiceOutOfProcess	Enabled
    AudioServiceOutOfProcessKillAtHang	Enabled, timeout = 180 seconds
    AudioServiceSandbox	Enabled
    WebRtcApmInAudioService	Disabled

    on Windows 10. I'll check Google for Chrome/Chromium issues on that to see what I can find.

    What's the full log on the main media-internals page say for a Twitter video?

    Can you test in Vivaldi too. It behaves the same as Opera mostly as far as media handling on Windows goes. If it doesn't work there either, that's telling.

    I'd been format once and installed the Opera browser again and audio issue from twitter an Whatsapp still there.

    Did you try with a fresh Opera profile after yo udid that or did you copy your files over from the old install and or user Opera Sync.

    I'd download the Opera installer, launch it, click "options", set "install path" to a folder named "Opera Test" on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", uncheck "import data from default browser" and install. Test in that Opera, but do not enable Opera Sync and do not install any extensions.

    Does it still fail there? Try testing standalone installations of Opera Beta and Opera Developer too to see if there's any difference.

    @Ratapelua said in No audio watching some videos on twitter and also on Whatsapp from Opera:

    Windows 10 Pro

    Is it an "N" version of Windows 10 Pro?

    Try messing with chrome://flags/#try-supported-channel-layouts.

    Maybe go into Windows settings and make sure your card is set as the default device. I doubt that's it or Opera would probably have problems with all sites, but I'd try it anyway.

    Is your sound card a USB one? There was as bug in Chromium with USB sound cards.

    What's say? Does it say "You're awesome!"?

    Does the video on play? Below that video, what does it say for "MSE" and EME"?

  • @burnout426 Yes, I tried everything in Opera, but it seems that nothing works.
    Thanks but leave it like this, how in a couple of months there will be a big update of Windows 10, I will format everything and do a complete installation from scratch. I will download everything again from its original pages. What I need to know is how to access the hidden options of the Opera browser.

    Thanks again for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • If you ever decide to mess with things again to figure out what the problem is, just let us know.