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Sync deleted 90% of my Bookmarks

  • I have Opera on several machines. Lately Opera has not been staying connected to sync. For the second time sync has remove most of my bookmarks and speed dial entries. Previously I had a machine that was unsync'd and could use that in lieu of a backup. This time though looks like sync has attacked them all. Any help?

  • While my bookmarks havent been deleted, I did notice yesterday that all of my machines were logged out of sync. Im wondering if this was yet another byproduct of an update?

  • So, I'm just screwed then? Anybody?

  • It's removed more. I have nothing remaining in my Speed Dials for two machines and maybe a dozen bookmarks remaining. So, really, more like 99.9% of all of my bookmarks have been discarded. Not in the trash; just gone. Over 20 years of curated bookmarks in Opera.

  • @jamesisin I gave up on Opera, and went back to Firefox. I got tired of them breaking Opera, every time they released an update. A couple updates ago, instead of updating the current version, it removed the current version, and installed a new version in a different location. It took me forever to find out what happened. I removed the bad install, installed again to correct location.... but then Sync wouldnt work for anything other than bookmarks. It wouldnt Sync settings, Speed Dials.... nothing else. Then, as I mentioned, I found out I had been signed out of Sync..... for how long this had been going on, I not sure. I just got tired of having to fix things they screw up. Its always excuse after excuse.

  • Something started going wrong for me today, similar loss of passwords, but different timing, so I wonder just what exactly is breaking.

  • Forgot to add: The last straw was when I opened Opera, and found all but 1 of my extensions were gone..... vanished. I went to one of my other computers that was set to sync the same things, hoping it still had all the extensions on it. They were gone from that system also. I wasnt about to go through the process of downloading all my extensions again, and get them all set up. Like I said, tired of fixing Opera every time an update breaks something. Went back to Firefox instead, and have had no issues.