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All Extensions and Speed Dials gone after Update to 62/63

  • Hello everybody!

    As the topic title already says:

    After I made an update from Opera (64 bit, Stable, Version 60.X / 62.X - I can't remember the exact version that messed everything up) all my Extensions were gone. This happened a couple of weeks before, but I didn't have time to post it earlier.

    What happened: I clicked on the big red "O", then something like "restart to update to the latest version" or something and after Opera came back... BAM! All Extensions gone. Well, first I didn't realise that, I only saw that all my sessions from the Extension "V7 Sessions" have vanished and I thought it was an issue with that extension. Some time later I (after another update I guess) my Extension Sidebar was blank and the Extension Bar at the top too.

    At least I had a backup of all my Opera folders:

    %$APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable\
    %$LOCAL_APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable\

    So I deleted all contents of that folders and copied my back upped data... but unfortunately nothing changed. I got stuck with an old installation without any Extensions.

    Here I am now, crying out loud for any help or advice. 😭

    I really put a lot of time in some Extensions to get them to where they were before the extinct.

    Is my work gone forever? 😢

    P.S.: All my Speed Dials are gone too.

  • Delete Opera's program files folder (manually or uninstall while choosing to keep your data). Goto and download an older version that you think doesn't have the problem and install that. When Opera starts, immediately close it and immediately open the task manager and kill the Opera autoupdate process if it had a chance to load. Then, in Opera's program files folder under the version folder, rename opera_autoupdate.exe so Opera doesn't update on you.

    See if you find a version where your extensions still show. You might have to keep replace Opera's profile folder with a copy of your backup if things don't show back up right away.

    Once you get your stuff to show again, download the installer for the next build number and upgrade to see when it breaks. Don't forget to kill the autoupdater and rename it each time.

    Doing that might help pinpoint what version the issue first started in, which might help pinpoint what change caused it.

    It doesn't sound like an issue with the autoupdater itself as after the update, you replaced the profile files with good copies and your stuff still didn't show.

    Note that some others users have lost their speed dials when upgrading somewhat recently. Not sure why, but something goes wrong. Doesn't happen to most though.

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