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Auto hide side bar or click to expand side bar

  • Hi,

    I noticed that the requests for auto hiding or a click to expand side bar has been made allot over the last few years, so I would also like to request the feature.

    Will it be possible?


  • Hey i have been using this browser as my default for over 4 years now and the sidebar is very useful but sometimes it gets in the way so i think making it transparent or adding like a auto hide feature where it pops up if i point my mouse on the side of the screen can really be the best. Thank you

  • @ItherNiT yes I was on this forum about to post a similar feature request and I came across your post. Indeed it would be great to have the Side Bar come with an Auto Hide option. It's a great feature but sometimes it's good to have it sneak in and out just be moving the mouse to the edge of the browser.

  • I do not support it although having the both advantage and disadvantage, it is needed options in operating development.

  • @akp-int I think it can be optional for users. naver whale has this feature and it's optional similar to having a narrow or wide sidebar is optional in opera. they also should add the positioning option for the sidebar. some users who's reading habits are from right to left, but not left to right may want their sidebar on the right side. they should also let users to arrange icons on the sidebar. customisation and giving users choices are not bad.

  • Option to automatically hide the sidebar
    e.g. When taking the mouse to the left or a corner of the screen the sidebar appears

  • I've set the sidebar shortcut to F2, if that works for you.

  • Great, it worked for me, thanks!

  • Hello.

    Please devs add an option to auto-hide/show when hovering over the sidebar.