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Tap text and ctrl + a brings unwanted context menu pop up in Opera

  • Hello everybody, I have a minor bother. Every time I tap the text in the search box with my finger (of Google, Youtube...) and then press ctrl + a to mark it and then quickly overwrite it, a context menu pops up. It is annoying and I don't know, why it happens. Any idea? (When I click that text in the search box with my mouse and then ctrl + a, it reacts as supposed. It happens only when I tap it.)

    alt text

  • Don't have a touch screen to test, but I can see that it's the right-click context menu that'd you'd get if you right-clicked on a blank spot the page.

    Is this a new issue or has Opera been doing it all along?

    If you goto the URL opera://flags, and search for touch, you'll see some experimental tweak you can play with.

    Also, I doubt it'll help, but you can goto <]the URL opera://settings/searchPopup and disable the search popup.

    Did you try disabling all your extensions? Have you changes any of the keyboard shortcuts in Opera?