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Online music sounds better in Opera 18?

  • Hello!

    Just updated my opera from 12 to 18 version. I think the sound of online players became more qualitative. 小an this actually be or it's my imagination?)

  • Without any specific source (as in: "this site, but not that site") I'd say its probably imagination. Esp. if its not a html5-based player but a flash one.

    There is also interesting effects like a small increase in volume makes stuff sound better (which is used by sales people to push more expensive systems - simply by setting them juuust a little louder) ... but I can't find the reference any more 馃槥

  • I have observed an effect where new physical players and, to a lesser extent, software, sound better because I am somehow directed to "listen" to them without so much "knowing" how the player works and already "expecting" it to start outputting music, by which time listening seems sort of "redundant" already. It's difficult to put into words.

    Opium's built-in player is poor. As has been reported earlier, Opium runs at lowered process priority and this will cause sound to stutter when the machine is under load (and the web browser itself causes considerable load).

    Firefox's player is stable in the same conditions, and looks better. It's seek bar also reports on the playback position more precisely with an arrow rather than a circle which obstructs the bar.