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  • Here you can post comments about Stylus extension, created by stylus

  • Could be better.

  • Sick burn.

  • @stylus, the interface looks like it was made before the year of 1970. & the themes provided are not updated, though I suppose all themes are community made.

  • @honoriscreed You are correct in the fact that we have nothing to do with the quality of third-party themes.

    As far as the UI, we're aware there's room for improvement. There's redesigns for various aspects of the UI which will eventually see the light of day. No guarantee you'll like those either. Bear in mind, the UI is completely user-stylable, so you can pretty much redesign it to look however you want.

    Stylus is maintained by a small group of former Stylish users who forked the original project when it was converted into spyware. We work on it in our spare time, and mainly focus on fixing bugs, improving existing functionality, and occasionally adding new features.

  • Thank-you for this amazing extension now my eyes won't burn when checking GitHub.

  • I use this exact same extension on 2 of my other browsers, Chrome and FireFox. It is an excellent extension, it allows me to edit how things appear in any webpage that I frequently visit (ie: Google search results). It also acts like an AD blocker, where I can remove popups and elements on any webpage, especially in YouTube where they have these block elements popping up over the video while trying to watch it.

    Of course, you need to know CSS coding and know how to use the source code inspector provided by any major browser.

  • My themes aren't working on my browser of Opera GX. The extension be working on Google Chrome perfect.

  • One of the most useful extensions with a practical interface. Thank you for developing it.

  • I really love this extension. I'm glad I can finally put new backgrounds and themes to the website and get rid of the boring black and white themes.

  • Последнее время проблемы с сайтом стилей, не возможно зайти.

  • @andraon: 504 Gateway Time-out

  • @andraon: та же проблема! Ещё и на некоторых сайтах полетели стили, некоторые баннеры, кнопки, становятся стандартного цвета, когда фон и всё остальное в цвете стиля. И так уже 2 месяца, думал у меня одного такое

  • Doesn't work properly anymore.

  • @shion-san said in Stylus:

    Doesn't work properly anymore.

    I still use this extension in the current versions of FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera. It works fine.

    If anyone has a problem, then shut off all the other extensions you are using and see what other extension or plugin is causing the conflict.

    Note: this extension will not work on any built-in default page templates used by Chrome, Firefox or Opera. These are the "New Tab" built-in default pages that show quickstart icons. The reason is how those built-in pages work and how they are generated by the browser.

  • @mark2090 I wasn't clear enough. It works, but it is almost always fails to open new editor window for selected style, does not keep changes made between Opera startups (new style created before Opera being closed isn't there on next Opera start), and it can't switch styles on and off dynamically.
    I'll try your solution.

  • @shion-san
    I just tested Stylus in Opera version: 72.0.3815.186 and updated to version: 72.0.3815.200.

    I used it:
    Current tab - works fine
    Opened a new tab -works fine.
    Opened New Window - works fine
    Closed Opera & tabs, reopened Opera with new default tab -works fine.

    InCognito Mode
    By default, most extensions won't work in Incognito mode, you have to change the settings for that extension for it to work.

    Developer Inspection Window
    This is when you right click any part of the webpage and click "inspect element". In the inspection window, you can change any part of the webpage. These changes will never remain on page refresh or new Tab or reopening Opera.

    What the inspection window also does, it seems to bypass Stylus. I think because the DOM is affected or temporarily changed by the inspection window, and this affect remains so long as that page remains open. Once it is refreshed, renewed or Opera closed and reopens, Stylus works again.

    Saving a CSS Style
    I list this out for the benefit of new users to Stylus

    • Click icon
    • Click "manage" button
    • Click "Write New Style" button for a new style (left window) or click a current saved style in the middle window
    • Write the new CSS Style. It must be correct in syntax, else it won't work.
    • Click save button left window, make sure the "enabled" box is checked and for real time results, check "live preview".
    • Use the browsers back button to return to the main list.

    Hope that helps, along with what I said above.

  • @mark2090 It seems it's an Opera problem. Latest update broke address bar for me. I suppose it also broke something within the extension. Anyway I'll try doing a clean Opera reinstall and see if it helps.