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Set password for your browser ( Opera lock )

  • Here you can post comments about Set password for your browser ( Opera lock ) extension, created by eswaryaga

  • I very much like the idea and I am using it to provide some basic security.
    Some comments on usage:
    The page that was visible on exit will still be visible on restart of opera, just the pop-up asking for password on top of it.
    If you are quick and have a slow computer you can still switch tabs before the pop-up comes up to ask for the password enabling somebody to see the page.
    It seems not possible to change password (I guess uninstalling and re-installing is the answer).

    Feature suggestion:

    • When Opera starts, make it load a new tab (speed dial) in this way another person at least can't see the open tabs.
    • Would be great if the password would be prompted for if X amount of time has passed:
      I often never shut down my PC, just hibernate it along with Opera. So Opera is most of times not locked. A timer would make sure if the PC is long enough in hibernation or unused that Opera is locked again.

    Question: Why do you need access to search results?

  • It is a very nice addon, Opera should include like part of Opera some option like this to block acces especially for children or cuztomize users and passwords and their respective list of allowed sites. When Opera starts, should display a full cover background related to the security addon or something with better esthetic, thanks a lot.

  • Hi. Thanks for extension.
    But how I can mask the password while typing?

  • Great Extension! 🙂
    Work's well at now!
    But how I can mask the password while typing?

  • Ok, i'm using it for a few month, and i just discover than clicking "cancel" and then "don't quit Opera" just bypass the plugin...

  • @rexneb: It is true it is a small bug, it happened to me too. But it is sufficient to disable in the options: "Warn before closing Opera with multiple tabs open" and it works fine.

  • @maxzanna: On current version we have to disable - "Warn on quitting Opera with multiple tabs opened".

  • Good, just missing the "stars" hidding for caracters when tiping the password. Everybody can read over your shoulder

  • @bienfp This is the first thing to improve!

  • Not Secure, at the very least password should be masked

  • @rexneb: I'm probably the only person that uses GX, and i can assure you, you definitely can bypass the password.

  • @haydenwalker980
    Could you please develop !?
    If not sure we need to know how to fix it or not use it anymore...

  • @bienfp If you launch Opera with 2 tabs or more : click "cancel" it will ask if you are sure to quit because of the other opened tabs : click cancel : bypass password

    If you launch only one tab, right click on Opera icon, open new tab, do the same as above : bypass password.

  • @rexneb I tried it this morning, I have portable opera version 66.0.3515.72, with opera lock version 5 extension. 1, 2, 3 tabs don't change anything, when I hit cancel, everything is shut down.
    So far, appart from the ***** password issue, I didn't find how to go around this extension.

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