Disable plus + and minus - buttons for zoom?

  • Hi,
    Is there any way to disable using the + or - buttons to zoom in and out? I don't want them to do anything.
    Thanks in advance!

  • In Opera profile (see the path in opera:about), in the file Preferences, add or modify the node "Keybindings" to re-define the keybindings for + and -. Backup the file first!

    "Keybindings": {  
       "Basic": {  
          "ZoomIn" : ["Ctrl+OemPlus", "Ctrl+Shift+OemPlus", "Shift+OemPlus", "Ctrl+Plus"],  
          "ZoomOut" : ["Ctrl+OemMinus", "Ctrl+Minus"]  

    (These are the default keybindings, except that I've removed "Plus", "OemPlus" and "Minus", "OemMinus".)

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