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Video "Blackouts" after upgrading Opera

  • Hi,

    This seems to be an ongoing issue for me... not sure about others but what happens is that Opera will be working fine for me in MOST ways (CNET video's have NEVER played using Opera for what ever reason).

    SO I get an update notice for Opera and go for it... now I can't watch NetFlix, have to use Edge... what's worse is that many websites that use their platform to offer quick video's to show off what their software can do also do not play correctly.

    I'm a graphics artist so if I go to and look at the page there, I see blank areas. If I reload the page I can see that it's fully there but only for a second.. once the page is fully reloaded the blank areas reappear. It's almost like there there is some weird shield that's overlaid over certain types of vids.

    A side note... what I mean by "do not play correctly" is that the audio is playing, no issues but the video is blank!

    I can use YouTube no problem. Hulu and Amazon Prime load fine too but the rest is a no go.

    Last time this really got on my nerves I just completely uninstalled and reinstalled Opera but then I had to go and reinstall all my addons which is a PITA and my cookies and passwords per site had to be put back into place so that's not something I really want to have to deal with again if possible.

    Can someone please advise me as to what to do to fix this?

    Thanks so much

  • I have Opera's latest (as of today) on an old Win 7 machine -- my MacBook Pro was stolen -- and the Marmoset pages are fine for me. That said, I used to get audio-only videos from CNET, but now they work. Netflix, Hulu, and and the others work fine (other than the buffering on this ancient Toshiba). Maybe a fresh install is in order. My PC was loaned to me and I formatted it from scratch.

  • Yea, I'm at work and on my laptop the Marmoset page looks fine. I don't have my logon info here at work for Netflix but if the Marmoset page loads fine here then I imagine that NetFlix might work well too.

    Wondering if perhaps one of my add ons is causing this. At work I have very few add ons on board of this Opera.... then again I've not installed the latest update here at work either

  • OK, just installed the newest update. Marmoset still loads as expected.

    I really wish there were a backup utility for Opera so wouldn't have to go through loosing all my cookies and passwords. I don't mind the addons as I need to research that a bit more... I really don't think I have any installed that would do that at home but one never knows!

    IF there is a way to back up and restore parts of my home installation please let me know folks.

    THanks so much

  • @ramwolff57 hi
    I am Mr nangalole
    Can i share with you

  • Share what with me?

  • Yes, as stated this site opens for me fully on my work computer but here at home it's not opening properly! So I guess I need to kill this Opera and reinstall. 😞

  • SO upon doing a little bit of thinking about this.... I right clicked on the taskbar icon and chose Private Window... guess what.. it's all working so there is SOMETHING in the normal window that's the culprit.

    I've even tried disabling the Opera Ad Blocker and that didn't work either so SOMETHING is causing this strange behavior and I'm not sure it's any one of my add ons as none, besides the ad blocker, would have permissions to block me from viewing videos or other types of content like that!

  • @ramwolff57
    Ooo nice .
    Why do you say kill opera .
    Do you mean to block account

  • You know, kill the current installation and reinstall from scratch but now it's working correctly without ever doing that, which is strange. I'm not complaining but one day it's screwed up and the next day it's fine again! Weird!