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Cant work Bookmarks

  • thanks I33t4opera

    Will have a go at that


  • Decided to try again with the Bookmarks in Opera 20+.
    I'm still using v12 as it is the only thing that does what I want it to with bookmarks.
    Very disappointing to find that the import method takes no account of sorting or subfolders & all must be arranged manually.
    Is a sort feature & the ability to differentiate between folders & isolated URLs likely?
    Can I set defaults for display globally i.e. I don't want huge buttons everywhere.
    Why the extra clicks to access bookmarks? Is a sidebar that much of a problem?

    Generally if these things aren't resolved then when v12 is useless Opera will be ditched. Shame to be at this juncture as it has been a solid productivity-friendly browser for a long time for me.

    & OT On problems with privacy (Chrome 'owns' everything it does for data-mining purposes) is the Opera EULA different on this as it's based on the same codebase?

  • JCM ...... thats really worrying - does Opera/Chrome store everything we do?

    You are one better than me still trying to manually edit the bookmarks and move the folders about!

    pete 😕

  • Hello I33t4opera ........ tried your cut and paste idea ..... not sure what I have got now..... looks like I have two lots of imports but both at the top level

    Got imported from Opera in unsorted and then another copy in imported bookmarks... imported from Opera which drills down to the same arrangement of bookmarks?

    If you see what I mean?


  • Hi @peterx666, if I understand you correctly, then are you pretty sure, that you pressed Ctrl+X, and not Ctrl+C, and that you navigated to the "Imported from...", and selected all items under this folder, and not only the "Imported from..." folder?

  • I33t4opera - thanks again tried cut and paste again from lower level items and it worked OK - must have been my mistake ...sorry

    still trying to re-orgnise



  • Wow the reorganisation is hard work

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