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  • Ok you lot hang on I dont need flameing..... it is true what I say ... forget what the silly code name was, and I did not take a note of the version number... but it was whenever it first changed to chrome and It had a bookmark import option but when I tried it (a few times --- and using html etc) it just trashed the layout of the bookmarks and the folders etc were emptied and things were all over the place with lots of things missing.

    As I had spent a lot of time and trouble sorting the bookmarks out I was forced to go to another browser. Tried firefox and although it cocked up a few things so I moved across and sorted things out manually as most folders were in tact

    I thought Lem729 was trying to explain the situaltion but then I am not too sure

    Opera is faster than firefox (I measured it) so it may be worth waiting as I have always liked the layout



  • I was trying to explain. The Bookmark Importer is coming in Opera 23. Right now, it might be harder for you to make the conversion, though I did try to explain how. Still, you have thousands of bookmarks. I can't promise anything on that, because it's such a HUGE NUMBER. I didn't mean to tease with my last post, but you're number .666 (and that "devil is in the details"). Now really, I never could resist a good play on words. 🙂

    By the way, when you talk about how good Opera looks, what I've done is hide the Personal Bookmarks Toolbar, and just use a vertical display of bookmarks, with Chrookmarks for Chrome. It only shows the bookmarks when I click on the extension icon. If I need the bookmarks bar, I can bring it back for a second with ctrl shift E (which is almost a toggle). And put the check in Show the bookmarks bar. And then I go ctrl shift E, and take the check out. Generally I like a minimalist look on the browser, and I think Opera 22 looks super that way.

  • @peterx666

    Here's an interesting post by someone who had thousands of bookmarks, and they were successfully moved from Opera 12.17 to Opera 22. So it's do-able -- moving a huge number of bookmarks -- even with the current Bookmark Importer feature in Opera 22.

    Now since your bookmarks are in Firefox, you can decide to wait until Opera updates the Importer to cover imports from third party browser -- which shouldn't be too long. Or try to move them to Opera 12.17 (so that Opera 22 can import them via the Importer).

  • Thank you Lem - that was the type of sensible help I was looking for

    Will wait til the importer works from firefox, meanwhile just use opera for faster searches et

    thank you


  • Sorry, lem729.

    Re your June 16 comment, above. ..."If I need the bookmarks bar, I can bring it back for a second with ctrl shift E (which is almost a toggle). And put the check in Show the bookmarks bar...."

    In my current OPERA v22.0.1471.70, ctrl+Shift+E takes me to "Extensions" page and not to "Settings".

    Am I missing something here - I currently hide/unhide the BOOKMARKS bar via ALT+P (ie.the short-cut select for Settings), and then tick/untick "Show the bookmarks bar".


  • @mb-77

    Damn, I meant Alt. P and put a check in show the bookmarks bar. It's almost a toggle. Sometimes, I post from my Ipad (not the Windows 7 desktop where I can double check things), and I go by memory. And mine is capable of discombobulating things. So sorry.

  • OK Guys .... I have bitten the bullet and installed version 26 along side 12 (different folders tho)

    Must say I am impressed at eh speed of the thing! imported bookmarks from the old one - problem cant find how to "manage bookmarks" as they are all installed on a low level folder but can put up with that wor now

    Good news is up to now not found a sit that does not work!




  • Ctrl + Shift + B. You can create folders there and drag and drop your bookmarks around. Its not totally finished though. Bookmarks are functional but rather basic. You will find better bookmarks features in Opera 27 and even better features in 28 but those are the Beta and Dev releases, respectively. So improvements are in the pipe.

  • Thanks lado look forward to that got 27 now so will see if there is any difference

    Thanks again for your comment, nice to know something is happeneing

    pete 🙂

  • Lando - somebody should remove gem stones post?

    Tried your suggestion in 27 but still could not find a way of moving the imported bookmarks to the top level???


  • I'm not an admin. I can't edit or remove anyones posts. For some reason the devs wont let you move folders to the top level. You can only have unsorted bookmarks and the 'My Folders' folder in the top menu. I hate it too but its a big step up from a few versions back. They didn't have bookmarks and they only had a thing called 'the stash' in its place.

  • Hi @peterx666:

    1. If you want to be able to select multiple items at once, then go to the address bar, and type opera:flags#bookmarks-multi-drag, press Enter, select "Enabled" from the dropdown list, and restart the Opera (please be aware, that this feature is still a bit unstable, and therefore it may not work well, under various circumstances),

    2. Go to the Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+Shift+B) > "Imported Bookmarks" > "Imported from...", and press Ctrl+A to select all items at once, then press Ctrl+X (to cut them), navigate to the "Unsorted Bookmarks" in the side menu, and press Ctrl+V (to paste them) - after that, you can see them in the Opera's menu > Bookmarks.

  • thanks I33t4opera

    Will have a go at that


  • Decided to try again with the Bookmarks in Opera 20+.
    I'm still using v12 as it is the only thing that does what I want it to with bookmarks.
    Very disappointing to find that the import method takes no account of sorting or subfolders & all must be arranged manually.
    Is a sort feature & the ability to differentiate between folders & isolated URLs likely?
    Can I set defaults for display globally i.e. I don't want huge buttons everywhere.
    Why the extra clicks to access bookmarks? Is a sidebar that much of a problem?

    Generally if these things aren't resolved then when v12 is useless Opera will be ditched. Shame to be at this juncture as it has been a solid productivity-friendly browser for a long time for me.

    & OT On problems with privacy (Chrome 'owns' everything it does for data-mining purposes) is the Opera EULA different on this as it's based on the same codebase?

  • JCM ...... thats really worrying - does Opera/Chrome store everything we do?

    You are one better than me still trying to manually edit the bookmarks and move the folders about!

    pete 😕

  • Hello I33t4opera ........ tried your cut and paste idea ..... not sure what I have got now..... looks like I have two lots of imports but both at the top level

    Got imported from Opera in unsorted and then another copy in imported bookmarks... imported from Opera which drills down to the same arrangement of bookmarks?

    If you see what I mean?


  • Hi @peterx666, if I understand you correctly, then are you pretty sure, that you pressed Ctrl+X, and not Ctrl+C, and that you navigated to the "Imported from...", and selected all items under this folder, and not only the "Imported from..." folder?

  • I33t4opera - thanks again tried cut and paste again from lower level items and it worked OK - must have been my mistake ...sorry

    still trying to re-orgnise



  • Wow the reorganisation is hard work