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New tab pops to front and is active immediately

  • Have spent probably three hours today, looking for a way to make newly opened tabs pop to the front and become the active (in-focus) tab, without any additional intervention after right-clicking a link and specifying 'open in new tab'. As SO MANY others coming from long experience with other browsers have discussed, it doesn't need to be the default behavior, but it should be quickly available either as a 'setting' or via an add-on/extension.

    Alas, it IS available. Tabs to the front! by troorl is available in Opera add-ons: link text

    I am happy, now, and relieved. I'm still puzzled why Moderators on this Forum have said, basically, 'why would you wanna do that, anyway? Opera doesn't work like that.' I guess since the functionality wasn't invented in an Opera world, it needs to be disdained. Sad.

  • @hx0chaval-gmailcom You could also just use the keyboard combination of CTRL-SHIFT-click.

  • @treego ahhh, you keyboard people *-))

    I was in software development training class at NeXT Computer in Redwood City in 1993 and heard that 'Upper Management' had decreed that every Wednesday was NO KEYBOARD DAY - use the GUI and the Power of the Mouse.
    Guess some didn't get that memo . . .

  • @hx0chaval-gmailcom Hah! How about using the keyboard AND the mouse? Why limit yourself? Your hands are naturally on the keyboard anyway unless you never use numbers/letters to do anything on the Internet. Peace out! 🤓

  • @treego You're quite right, my man. My left hand is on the keyboard almost constantly.
    In the Modern GUI space, there is lots to be done while interacting with the browser's content and functionalities. I'd just rather not force another [FREQUENTLY DONE] task on those poor, overworked digits.