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  • @campedor92 Opera is your default browser, look how to set another browser default. From then that other browser is launched by a malicious infection at your device.

    Tried it here,

    Please edit your post to not infect others with that link.

  • you need to factory reset from recovery. HOW TO BOOT HUAWEI MOBILE DEVICES INTO RECOVERY MODE
    To reach the bootloader before the Recovery Mode. First, you must power off the Huawei device completely. You can do that by pressing the Power button and then selecting the option to switch it off or if the software is not responsive try holding down the Power button until it turns off.
    Reboot the Huawei device by holding the Power and the Volume Down buttons.
    Release the two button combination when the bootloader is on the display.
    Using the Volume Down key, scroll down the bootloader menu and highlight the Recovery option.
    Press the Power button to enter the Recovery Mode.

    You should backup everything first except APK files.

    See XDA forum if you don't understand.

  • @campedor92 did you hard reset from recovery? If no, it's the only way. For now set another browser like Chrome as default. We should continue about this in the local forum area, since this is malware infection that simply calls default browser. XDA developers can better help you.

  • @campedor92 yes, it seems this

    Your DNS from your WIFI router might be infected. That would reinfect you everytime until you factory reset your firmware of router too!

    Many routers have a DNS page.

    Set DNS in router to


    Which are Google DNS to see.

  • @ginger1984 yesterday router tp link restore to factory settings.

  • @ginger1984 I changed DNS, the problem is still there. 1 IP - 1 virus on the website within 24 hours.

  • @campedor92 sad diagnosis. Time to ask xda developers forum or other computer forum.

    1 you excluded router DNS
    2 you factory reset your phone

    3 problem still exists

    You did everything what makes a good opportunity for opening post at xda e.g. You tried.

    If other phones and devices are behaving like this, DNS queries are buffered.

    If you see no resort install FDROID then in FDROID install Blokada, it blocks all ads in your phone, Google for XDA Blokada to see how it works. Best is to use Blokada 3, since 4 is difficult and in alpha.

    My router once was listed as infected, and the malware activated after factory reset, but not clean firmware e.g.

  • @ginger1984 We have progress, from 2 days I can not repeat this problem.
    What worked? I do not know.
    New router configuration? submitting pages to Google ? I do not know...
    I will monitor - if it does not happen again, it will be a big success.
    Thank you for your help ! 🙂

  • @campedor92 great, DNS queries are having a Time To Live value that probably expired. This kind of DNS interference is common nowadays. Nice it seems fixed.