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Print options last change is horror

  • The last made changes to print options is horror and not usefull.
    We need to select pages we want to print. now we must first dropdown fopr this option.
    the more options is alway hidding, must click to show.
    Last used Printers is shorten extrem, so we must search for different printers all the time.

    we had much printer and much PDF to print from Gmail. And the last changes on the printing options and menĂ¼ are horror for fast using.
    we need much more time. is not helpfull.

    can we setting up someting in deep options or code to show it like the old one?

    • Print Dropdown with 6-8 printers (not 2-3).
    • Select Pages to print show directly
    • "more options" show directly to pringing dublex and zoom into site

    pleas make this horror changes back !

  • Does nobody use the print options like us?
    everytime since last changes someone here say, letz change to chrome. for easier printing and faster option selections.

    This is horrorfull to use, only for draft prints but not for daily often use.

    we need it everytime like this:
    important-options.png image url)

    • Page choose
    • Both side (Dubex) printing
    • Paper size
    • Scale / zoom
    • Printer selection
    • Number of copies

    is it posible to make some changes in options that this is alway show directly ?

  • First, I do what any nontechnical user would do. I go to my desktop menu and click System Settings->Printing, then give the root password to the following popup. Up comes a "Printer configuration" popup. I click "New". Up pops a wizard that says, in big friendly letters, "Add a new print queue".

  • **but why?